Why MEAN Stack For Web App Development

Each and everyday technology is changing. With the increase in the demand for web development frameworks, it is becoming very difficult to choose the right platform for the website.

Everyone wants to develop a very robust and flexible website. This where the MEAN becomes hero due to its property of creating very robust websites. 

According to the latest study many web app developers are switching from LAMP and WAMP to MEAN stack. This is because the features of these help both startups and MNC’s.

Let’s see how MEAN is attracting a large user base.

What is MEAN?

MEAN Stack

MEAN is an open-source JavaScript software stack. Each and every character of MEAN is a technology stack. 

Here are the technologies which make the MEAN stack complete.


This is a NoSQL database that makes use of an efficient database model. This features a document-based orientation. This makes MongoDB more ideal for handling a lot of data and this is more scalable.


A JavaScript framework having a lightweight server. This makes the development flow more easy using NodeJS. This helps a lot of developers more to write modules more efficiently. 


This is a technology which is built and managed by Google. One can use it to develop single-page and dynamic web apps quickly. 


This technology compiles JavaScript source code with native machine code. This is a deadly combination which delivers highly scalable and flawless speed.

Reasons to choose MEAN Stack:- 

As you already knew what is MEAN and what are the technological stacks used in this. Here are a few reasons which will clearly describe why MEAN is best for web app development:-

High efficiency and Flexibility:- 

MEAN is completely based on JavaScript and we can say it has each and every capability that JavaScript has for the web development.

This technology has the potential to develop single-page websites which are highly innovative.

Due to its high efficiency and flexibility MEAN can be used by startups and even by other bigger organizations.

MEAN is Open-source:-

Each and every technology which is combined with MEAN are open-source. This is very cost-effective.

A Developer can easily download MEAN stack without any expenses.

Easy Implementation:- 

Developing a mobile app is a complex process. But with the use of MEAN and its single JavaScript platforms, many of these complexities are reduced.

Use of JavaScript:- 

As we all know every technology is using JavaScript. Starting from database configuration to front-end handling it is done in JavaScript. 

So one doesn’t require a team of efficient app developers to develop your web app. But with less knowledge of JavaScript one can develop web apps using MEAN.

More User-Friendly:- 

AngularJS in MEAN Stack explicitly helps in the development of a more user-friendly web app. This technology manages to deliver a flawless user interface and experience in both mobile and web apps.

This made Angular one of the best front-end technology.

Friendly with Real-time apps:- 

NodeJS in MEAN is good for all real-time apps. Those who are thinking of building apps that deal with real-time data should take a look at MEAN stack. 

Shifting of code made easy:- 

MEAN is very swift and straightforward. When you transfer the codes, they will work very efficiently. 

MEAN stack lets the developers save time and avoid rewriting of codes.

Cost-Effective Solutions:- 

MEAN is open-source and is free for all app developers. This helps many app developers and they don’t need to rewrite code and waste their energy.

Flexible Solutions:- MEAN Stack

MEAN is one of the best technologies for web development helps many clients and companies in getting the best services. 

With the benefits of MEAN, many are changing their minds and are planning to use MEAN instead of LAMP and WAMP. 

It is believed that within a few years MEAN will be ruling the web development market with its features. 

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