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Why I have Stopped Reading Problogger And Why You Should Do The Same?


At the time of writing this I visit the prominent Problogger not more than once a week. Here is why you should also do the same…

It was a morning unusually bright when I decided to use my rightfully earned day-off which happened to be the same day when people of Delhi were expected to give their rightfully earned voting right for the next local government which would define the future of their trapped between the heritage and thirst for modern life children in the next 4 years…

Let’s cut the c**p!

On Wednesday morning I have used my day off from work to scan through my favorite groups on Google Plus, to self-educate and connect with interesting people. Then suddenly something caught a hold of my attention:


I was flabbergasted but pleased to see that I am not the only one who feels that way but never decided to check for like-minded and their opinion. This post obviously comes from a regular Problogger reader who has realized the dying recipe for Problogger’s ability to keep readers on board.

Have you ever contemplated seriously about the value you are getting from this platform and to compare the ratio time spent vs. value received on this platform? Maybe it is time to do it not only for Problogger but for every other platform you dedicate a lot of your time on.

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I am also crazy about blogging, and I used to be one of you – thinking myself never to be ready. But I am also prone of self-questioning and questioning other’s intention as well. This post has triggered the alarm for me to write the following. Here is why I consider that you should unsubscribe Problogger immediately:

Too much wrapping!

If you want to be a better business blogger and platform builder you will not succeed in that by reading Darren’ posts. Why? Because he is a master of wrapping a single idea or takeaway from most of his posts around endless story and ramifications. People can easily hook themselves to someone’s bit emotionally spiced, light story which probably they won’t even remember tomorrow.

It’s like starting to surf the net with particular objective and ending up watching cat videos.

That’s the effect I get while reading Problogger.  Trust me on this – if you intend to be a serious business blogger, this approach will kill your chances of success.

You must learn to scan content and take multiple ideas and learning from multiple resources within short time span. Problogger could be nice source to learn from if you practice storytelling for your upcoming book. But for business blogging you have to know better than this. Come on, you cannot search for inspiration and how to blog better lessons all the time. Eventually you have to start doing it no matter how good or bad you are at it. Problogger’s supposed mission is to get you ready but on the other hand it makes you think and feel that you are never ready.

Too repetitive!

It is well known tactic for every good blogger to dig out some from his old posts, refurnish and refresh them with few extra lines and republish them because readers are prone to forget. (yes you blamed us of short memory more than one time. Maybe we are Alzheimers?)  Well, of course we are, since we get used to your style of blogging and getting less and less value from your writing. You are becoming just too repetitive.

You don’t innovate and you don’t find ways to convey your message better.

Our brains tell us to abandon your platform but we keep thinking that you are irreplaceable and that we are going to miss a lot if we stop following you because of your good marketing machine. For that one I give you my thumb. However to be honest – a teenager who spoke about his first time having sex on 9Gag taught me so much more about blogging than you. Access this reading if you have strong stomach and are seriously interested in becoming better platform builder.

Too many poor-styled guest bloggers!

You accept only bloggers and blog posts that follow your medieval pattern, guest bloggers who don’t even bother to find synonyms for mind rusting common sense words and phrases such as “mind-blowing” Your “mind blowing” when it comes to blogging is the same with “cutting-edge” or “next generation” when it comes to an IT website.

Boo-hoo, boring and uncreative.

It is like you are not encouraging literacy at all anymore.  Your guest bloggers are afraid to try anything new because they simply won’t reach your platform. You have turned your old recipe into a trend (yes you are a good trendsetter) polluting the web with bloggers who take the wrong path and forget how to blog well. Blogging was the child of writing and what you have made of it is an algorithm based activity.

Well even algorithms evolve over time. Yours simply DOESN’T.

If you need to learn real blogging and platform building, you can have a look at few of the authors I am following:

  1. James Altucher
  2. Jeff Goins
  3. Seth Godin (It seems that he also doesn’t come out from his frame anymore)
  4. The Moz blog

God, I wish I could earn from your clicks on these links. But I can’t. Our corporate blog does not even use the Genezis platform. But Darren’s Problogger does and he makes the affiliate link clearly visible on his home page.

Of course he does this because:

problogger 3

(excerpt on Darren’s reply to the post above)

Do you know why I read the blogs I listed above?

Because these guys are well aware who they want to address and they position themselves exclusively for their target, giving a cherished and knowledge full experience for their visitors which is rich and straight to the point. The problem with Problogger is that it is not ready to miss anyone – not these 50% not the remaining 50%. Darren does this with simple tactics for hooking the whole 100%  making both believe that this is the best model of blogging and thus good platform to follow for learning how to blog and build audience.

problogger 2

(Excerpt from Darren’s reply on the post above)

There is a very common rule in marketing – Too much diversification destroys diversification, and your “good” intentions.

Your approach may teach the first ones (the beginners) a lesson or two, but  the advanced platform builders among you get your time and attention wasted by Darren’s long story telling which is not something that you guys need on your level need. You need to go deeper and specialize, say more with less, reach and deliver value inside a prospect’s mind in seconds, respecting his time. Problogger has nothing to do with specialization, and sooner or later will earn the painful lesson in marketing that being a generalist does not pay anymore.

I will end this up with a question?

Darren, who is supposed to follow you and Problogger?

P.S. Darren, Let me know if one beautiful, azure colored morning  nourished by  a soft and fragrant breeze, you will wake up with an idea for a new blog post of yours, originating from this impeccably daring blog post so that I can catch up.


Blaze, a disappointed follower

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