Android App Development Complications

Why Android App Development is Complicated over iOS?

It was not a long time ago when skeptics were discussing whether businesses should make investments in mobility solutions or not. As for now, investing in mobile applications and mobile responsive websites has become a norm as the number of smartphone users has already crossed 2 billion marks. Android and iOS are the two most prominent OS for which most of the applications are developed. Let’s have a look over the parameters which indicates that developing for Android platform is more complicated over iOS platform.

Lines of Code

While coding an application for Android would require 40% more code than for iOS platform. Java, used for android app development, is a verbose language as compared to Objective-C or Swift. The more the lines of code the more complicated is the process of reading, debugging and maintaining code. Using the clean architecture approach in structuring mobile apps will further increase the quantity of code.

Integrated Development Environment(IDE)

In Apple’s case, apps are created using the Xcode IDE with the iOS SDK. Xcode does have support for multiple programming languages but the preferred language is Swift which is created by Apple specifically for iOS and OS X. The IDE used in android development is usually Android Studio and programming language used is Objective-C or Java. Swift as language is apparently less prone to errors and more concise than Objective-C.

Number of Hours

The work hours required for developing an android app is 30% more on average than that required for iOS project. As there are more lines of code to write and debug the android development process takes up more time developing for iOS projects.


Emulators assist developers in creating apps for devices without actually owning the device.The emulators used for android are inherently slower than iOS simulators. This contributes to overall slower development process when it comes to android platform.


As for Android platform, there are different versions, a multitude of different devices and manufacturers. This implicates that there are a number of devices to test for while developing for the android platform. The process of eliminating device specific bugs further complicates the development process. iOS, on the other hand, is a closed platform which means Apple has control over its devices and software. The developers have to concentrate on a lesser number of devices while optimizing for different screen size or upgrading features.

XML Layout

On Android, Layouts are primarily written manually in XML while iOS supports auto layout. This adds on to the hassles involved in the android development process.


While the android development process may be complicated but it doesn’t effect the end product. The android app development process may take more time and efforts but you can develop powerful feature-rich apps for android that can generate huge ROI.

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