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What’s New on Enterprise Mobility?

Blackberry made multiple CTOs happy through elaborating a simple model for calculating the productivity gains of Enterprise Mobility and proves ROI from Enterprise Mobility strategy. Box app among the early adopters of the new iOS app extensions upgrade now gives its users stunning new ways to collaborate and share files inside their iPhone. Capgemini and VMW are don’t seem to have enough of each other judging by the new collaboration concluded on the scope of Enterprise Mobility management. Here is your fresh shot of Enterprise mobility news.

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How to put a price tag on Enterprise Mobility productivity benefits?

Do you know that there is actual way or calculation to prove Enterprise Mobility ROI especially in the  domain of employeeproductivity gains? Insights show that nearly 80% of IT and security professionals identified an increase in worker productivity as the greatest benefit of enterprise mobility.

Below follow a simple calculation that will show how to tap the dollar value of employee productivity gained as result of Enterprise mobility and BYOD. To simplify assume the integration of smartphones and tablets into the day-to-day duties of the typic

al worker resulted in 15 minutes of additional daily productivity per worker, averaged across the entire employee base. Using this scenario and assuming a proportional relationship between revenue and work hours, a company with 100 employees and revenues of $10 million, could theoretically see an annual revenue boost of $310,000.

Of course challenges arise when it comes to calculating potential revenue generation through more sophisticated forms of mobility, such as the mobilization of critical business processes. Productivity gains reaped through pushing behind-the-server data closer to the business moments is more difficult to put a number on.

Yet the absence of a clear ROI demonstration for enterprise mobility, though, did not succeed in stopping ambitious enterprises from making their businesses better through mobility. Blackberry shares such examples on one of its blogs (read more) 

Box and iOS 8 Bring Data Portability to the Mobile Enterprise

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Box has become one of the first apps to take advantage on the new iOS 8 upgrade featuring App extensions which helps third party apps interact with each other. Now a be able to share across apps, store documents, edit photos, customize keyboards, provide quick access to your apps from another app (know more about iOS app extensions features).

With the new iOS App Extensions, you can access your Box content from any other app that supports this framework, like iWork and other productivity solutions. For instance, you’ll be able to select any document on Box and open it in your favourite editor; work on content from Box within a mobile project management tool; or share data with colleagues within a communication app. This gives you unprecedented freedom and control when it comes to your information, while maintaining the security you expect with Box.

With app extension Apple makes a huge contribution towards the not-so-distant concept of open enterprise because not only it has enabled its own apps to communicate with each other better but also built bridges for third party apps to do so. If you are Enterprise Box users, learn more how the new Box will help you manage your files better.

Capgemini and VMware collaborate for enterprise mobility

Systems integrator Capgemini is teaming up with virtualisation and cloud provider VMware. The company wants to bundle its consulting and mobile services with VMware’s mobile device management capabilities, including its AirWatch EMM software.

While AirWatch will provide enterprise workers with a centralised console to easily access content and applications from any device, Capgemini will provide enterprises with end-to-end services including mobile strategy, mobile development, and managed mobility, which can be tailored to specific industry sectors.

The initial go-to-market focus will be on cloud solution models offered as off-premise hosted options or on premise cloud models for global companies across North America, EMEA, Latin America and APAC. Capgemini will provide enterprise mobility and organisational change management with vertical industry expertise, such as in consumer products, retail, healthcare, utilities and financial services, while AirWatch will bring its EMM capabilities, VMware said.

This is not the first collaboration the two giants have established so far. VMware already has a partnership with Capgemini in the virtualisation and enterprise cloud space. This is another step towards consolidation and one stop partner for all end user mobile computing where VMWare/AirWAtch will provide centralized console for access of content and security while Capgemini will deliver services such as building and deploying applications around AirWatch system administration, helpdesk support, mobile platform implementation, mobile application administration and AirWatch deployment plus training and know-how around implementing BYOD strategy

To know more about the extended partnership between Capgemini and VMware, follow this source.

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