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How Users Discover New Mobile Apps On App Store And Google Play?


Aah. The sweet science of app discoverability. Those few who have mastered it ensure that their apps abandon the bosom they are buried into at the moment of placement and swim up to the heights of the featured Top 10 per category app lists on both Google Play and App Store.

Yet less than 50% of mobile app developers have solid ASO strategy and most of them think that all it takes to succeed in the mobile app race is to have a nice idea and well-designed app.

I have highlighted ASO strategy because according to Google’s Head of Search and Discovery Ankit Jain, organic search results are the primary channel of discovery of new mobile app (read about few secret and dirty tricks to make your mobile app more discoverable on marketplace). Yet, data below shows that interstitial ads, in app promotions and promotion tactics focused on building viral-effect are not too far behind.

Before you check the entire infographic, courtesy of TapDaq have a look at some of the most exciting and noteworthy facts about the state of mobile app discoverability:

  • App discovery platforms contributes to new apps getting found almost as same as the ad networks (22% vs. 27%)
  • Incentivized mobile app discovery still takes more stakes than it actually deserves (8%)
  • The best mobile app users are originating from app discovering platforms
  • App cross-promotion method remains the most used method for promotion of mobile apps, followed by email (42% vs. 38%)
  • Growing ratio of 42.4% of developers use ASO (title, keywords, icon) to make their app more discoverable
  • Games remain marketplace’s most wanted followed by education apps and business apps (19.06%, 10.6% and 8.4% respectively)

I will stop here and let you go across the infographic for even more insights. Enjoy!!

state of app discoverability