Mobile Application Development using Drupal

About the Unique Features of Mobile Application Development Using Drupal, with special reference to Business Users


Dries Buytaert, founder and lead developer of the Drupal CMS was once quoted saying in a Chicago Keynote “If I were to start Drupal from scratch today, I’d build it for mobile experiences first, and desktop experience second” – with Drupal 8, much of the expectations to make it not just mobile-friendly, but mobile-first have been surfaced. With today’s blog, we are trying to understand three very important angles – different dimensions of Drupal Mobile, its benefits/features, how it is revolutionizing the industry eco system whose backend are powered by the CMS. Read on!

Drupal 8 arrives with a Mobile Essence and a lot more!

Drupal 8 is perhaps non-arguably the fastest, cleanest, simplest, more customizable and adaptable Drupal release ever! It is user-friendly, and provides innumerable ways to seamlessly customize, deploy, navigate and position your content. Compared to its earlier version, it is more feature-loaded. The standalone features as diverse as multilingual support, new configuration management, seamless authoring, built-in web service, faster theming etc. makes it an awesome CMS available for free. But the greater thing that took this release in limelight is its mobile essence. It has mobile in its DNA.

Drupal-Mobile: Features

Responsive ThemesResponsive design is a crucial component in todays’ changed business eco system. All Drupal themes are now shipped with responsive elements, so you can use, install, re install, edit and publish your content freely, on any device – without having to think about customization and response issues. Drupal’s responsive themes uncomplicate the use of CMS on any device. In other words, it has become platform and device independent.

Picture Element – The responsive image feature allows you to install images and size these according to the resolution of device from which it is accessed. Drupal’s responsive image filtration and sizing module makes it simplified to view, edit and work on any type of picture with ease; without having to worry about anything.

Besides above mentioned points, its improved and responsive admin interface makes working on Drupal such joy on any device.

Drupal Mobile App and Enterprise use

Drupal provide individuals and businesses scope to create enterprise-class blogs and websites. Mobile – friendly Drupal means DrupalGap, a mobile friendly open source mobile development kit; developers can create device independent mobile apps to communicate with client website.

A faster and responsive theme ensure businesses can now work-out on any layout and use device-specific themes – without having to worry about features and attributes.

Drupal CMS is now beneficial for businesses, in the fact that it is standalone and much unique compared to mobile version of existing CMSs. It is customizable and agile.

Businesses can now utilize the CMS’s mobile feature in a faster and better way with least learning curve. Its user-friendly design makes it simple to create native looking application.

Drupal’s mobile essence turns it to always an upgradable and a product in development stage – resulting in better testing and better review cycle.

So, Drupal’s mobile first avatar is actually bringing a fresh and new perspective to design and development practice. Businesses and individuals can leverage on the momentum of scope and growth of this awesome CMS to publish content independent of screen resolution it is accessed from.

If you wanted to get your business application done on Drupal, give us a call and we will be happy to help you!