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Trends That Digital Marketers Needs To Follow and Innovate


In today’s digital world, consumers are exposed to new product and services through devices, platforms and social networks. Gone are the days when advertisers use to target their audience through traditional media channels. Patterns, mediums, platforms, content, context, and such other things have changed over the last few decades which can be attributed to information technology, telecommunication and above all marketing innovation.

Future opportunities with the web: 

Consumers are fast moving from simple Google searches and e-commerce portals to social networks. They search through trends in Facebook and Twitter and here lies the opportunity for marketers to tap them through target and behaviour oriented marketing. Campaigns needs to be custom designed to a grouped behavioral set of users and content delivered according to their preferences. Real-time marketing needs to be factored in so that users are able to realize the experience as a whole and not being only a part.

Engagement through live video streaming:

Consumer attention span is very short. Achieving top of the mind recall is the key to success. There are innovative social platforms that allows sharing live streaming videos which can reach thousands of target audience at any given point of time. This helps in real time engagement and can be used for introducing product, services, live chats, promotions and many more.

3. Target your audience based on preference:

Today digital platforms like ‘Pintrest’ can be used to target audience based on their interest and its simple to attach a pin to it which can be either a video or an image. Another example is ‘Instagram’ which can be used based on targeted categories of products or services vis-a-vis the related category of users.

PPC, content remarketing & user generated content:

With Google’s ‘Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing’, marketers can share focused content with targeted users by matching what they are exactly looking for. Content marketing works using channels such us blogs, e-books, case studies, white papers, etc. The idea is to capture users through focused content based on their interest and make them become business leads. It is actually no different from ‘Retargeting’. Loyal users are the best brand ambassadors and there comes in play ‘User Generated Content’.

Key takeaways:

We have to be very innovative in our approach towards fundamental research with regard to our target audience, their demographics and psycho-graphics, channel preferences, etc. The next step is to implement a 360° approach to reach out to them. Digital medium and technology today has evolved as the most preferred medium and it saves time with a faster go-to-market strategy along with first mover advantage leading to a larger share of market pie. Hence, high time for marketers to focus and keep pace with the trends of today’s digitally wired world.

Shobhit Saxena

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