Best Apps of the Month

Trending Mobile Apps This Spring

Mobile apps have become so trendy that we use it in our day-to-day lives and become dependent on it for most of our needs. Most of the apps that we use make it easy for us to complete our tasks online through the app that are built for different kinds of services. As you read this post, some thousands of apps continue to get developed to make our life easier and yous tasks completed like a breeze. Each of the app has their own unique features and utility, thus, attracting dedicated users and finding its rightful space even in an otherwise crowded digital landscape.

Below are few of the apps that are trending since April this year:


Proud App

This an an app that would take control over your time, productivity and success. It has superpowers like: ” Give me more time”, ” De-stress”, or “Travel back in time”. You can organize your days with one click reminders and add habits to make you systematic and unbeatable.

Mailtime – The Email Messenger

MailTime - The Email Messenger

Mailtime makes email as simple and easy as text messaging. This app can reformat your messed email strings into clean chat. You can email anybody directly from your smartphone along with attachments of photos, videos, records and even voice messages.



This is an ultimate app that can do quick calculations and figuring stuff on your iOS devices. On this app, even if you make mistake you can always edit your expression in the text editor. It does currency and other unit conversions, and sends out beautifully formatted HTML emails of your calculations work.



Droidid is an app that that lets you open your Mac with smartphone’s fingerprint sensor. So if you own any of the apple products, it is the best and simple app that would suit your needs.


NANU Calling App

While with most other calling apps you don’t get to call landline, with Nanu, you can make call everywhere from Nanu to Non-Nanu landlines with the use of internet. And, the best part is, it even works on 2G.