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Why Traditional processes must be replaced with Digital and Cloud Computing?


The digital revolution has been long transforming businesses and now many organizations have reached digital maturity wherein they are implementing digital innovations. The new digital technologies such as social media, mobile apps, and analytics opened up new revenue streams for the businesses. There are many benefits offered by adopting digital processes backed by cloud infrastructure.

Data Integrity

One of the biggest challenges of the traditional record keeping process is updating the records and maintaining a consistent record. The digital record keeping process offers a high level of data integrity. The cloud resource being used by organizations offers data consistency by implementing data integrity constraints.

Real-time Reports

Business intelligence is the key to succeeding in a competitive market. Through digitizing a process, an organization can take leverage of real-time reports which help in taking well-informed business decisions. The cloud-based analytics tools offer detailed analytics in real time.


A digital infrastructure offers a business, anytime and anywhere approach which is not restrained by timelines or geographical location. The cloud resources connected through the web can be accessed at anytime from anywhere. This level of flexibility is not present in the traditional business models.


In the traditional process, there are many hassles involved in working in a group. The hassles such as conducting meetings and data sharing can lower productivity. The digital solutions such as cloud applications improve collaboration by organizing virtual meetings and sharing of information in real time.


The digital resources offer a business the opportunity to be available for their customers 24 by 7. The cloud servers have 99.99% up-time which implicates a connection is always on. The businesses which are restricted to operate between certain hours can be available at the discretion of the customers.


The digitized processes offer mobility which can’t be achieved through the traditional process. The smartphones have made it possible for the business to offer their services or products through mobile apps. The mobility solutions have opened up revenue streams for the businesses.

Cost Effectiveness

Being cost effective is one of the biggest benefits that a digital process offers over a traditional one. Cloud computing offers businesses an option to buy computing as a service and pays for only as per their requirement.


No business can sustain itself in a challenging environment without adopting digital. The cloud resources have brought in flexibility and cost effectiveness which acts as another incentive in adopting digital.

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