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Top 8 Tech CEO’s Blogs You Will Regret Not to Follow

One of the things that makes me happy and ensured that I am using the Internet productively instead of being addicted to the daily information shoots that our brains become used to is the list of blog and web pages I open up in search of inspiration and wisdom. These are blogs written by those who have lived their dreams to the fullest and decided to bless us with the wisdom they acquired on the way. Although it is contra-intuitive to expect that these visionaries now CEOs will present you with exemplary blogging lessons, excellently crafted blogs or sharing sensitive company information, some of them have made an extraordinary attempt to give us their recipe of success and world views.

Here follow the The Top 10 CEO ‘s blogs which I open up every morning:

Marissa’s Tumblr

I was expecting to find Marissa Mayer’s blog powered on independent blogging platform or website. But she has decided to blog on the micro blogging platform Yahoo itself has purchased – Tumbr, the most preferred  micro blogging platform of teenage bloggers. You won’t find some extraordinary management lessons and learning she has acquired during her career path. Instead she contradicts every typical expectations by sharing small and intimate moments during her working days as CEO of Yahoo and company milestones. One of my favorite stories is the birth of the new Yahoo logo. Do not miss it.


Rashmi Sinha’s blog

I would never skip checking the personal thoughts on the founder of my favorites social network – Slideshare. Unlike Marissa’s Tumblr, Rashmi’s blog is more “corporate oriented” sharing some of her strategical views in different aspects of doing business, valuable real life lessons for upcoming entrepreneurs etc. However I do feel disappointed to witness negligence of her blog in the last few months. Her last post was in August 2013 and she doesn’t even have a favicon for her blog. I really expected lot more from the founder of the most popular content sharing social network.

Rashmi Sinha (SlideShare, Inc.) on stage at Web 2.0 Expo SF 2010.

Paul Graham’s essays

This is site every aspiring businessman and mobile entrepreneur must open every day. To dive into the mind of the founder of what is known today as Yahoo Stores, and Y Combinator which has financed and helped the advent of companies like Reddit and Dropbox is a real privilege. His commitments to writing is amazing and the essays are treasure and wisdom you will barely find anyplace else. More talking is futile here, just make sure you subscribe for his essays immediately.

TechCrunch Disrupt Conference

Sifry’s Alerts

Dave Sifry is the eminent founder of the most famous tech articles and blog sharing platform Technorati. His blog is something I would call “The friendly blog from the neighborhood.”  Light and simple in nature, Dave’s blog gives you warm and pleasant feeling while reading the simple thoughts and ideas of this tech entrepreneur, trying to answer some of most common life questions, or small things that no one seems to notice and try to fix. His blog leaves the most impression that you are personally  talking to Dave while reading his posts.  I Highly recommend it.


Craig Connect

If you live in USA (or at least you feel like one) then you must subscribe to Craig Connect, the celebrated social figure and founder of Craigslist.org. Craig gives his views of eminent questions and pressing issues in the American economy. It may not be the best blog that an aspiring tech entrepreneur would like to follow, but I am sure some of you will find good advises on how to maneuver in the oscillating economy of today. Give it a try.


Mark Andressen’s blog

Tech entrepreneur, founder of Netscape, venture capitalist, board member of Facebook and HP amongst the others and one of the 6 inductees of  World Wide Web Hall of Fame. Do I need to name more reasons why you should follow Andressen’s blog? His blogs highlights his thoughts and visions on how technology will continue reshaping societies and some fresh start-ups and services that have drawn his attention. Subscribe!


How to change the world-Guy Kawasaki

I don’t think there is much need to elaborate about Apple’s chief evangelist, social media guru and author of multiple best-sellers. Although his blog is more of a promotion platform for his books and upcoming speeches, you can still find some valuable wisdom coming from his good old days in Apple. Go for it and subscribe.


Reid Hoffman.org

My all time favorite. This list would not be complete if we fail to mention the personal website of the celebrated co-founder of LinkedIn. Reid is a person I deeply admire. His blog will take you inside the mind of a multimillionaire dollar company CEO and what every ambitious businessman must consider on his growth path. His articles summarize the collective wisdom and the best of Silicon Valley. One of his books The Startup of You is a masterpiece and compulsory reading for every entrepreneur and guerrilla minded career seeker. Subscribe immediately.


My list of favorite Top 8 Tech CEO’s blogs ends here. This is how I ensure that I will never lack disruptive mindset in my work and life. Can you add someone else on this list? Shoot us a comment