Top Reasons Why More Startups Are Going Mobile First

Have you ever wondered how much time we spend on our mobile phones? Nowadays, many of us are drawn more and more towards smaller screen instead of your desktop. Mobile phones have become important in our lives and also many of us sleep with our smart device in hand. With the growing capabilities over the past few years, mobile has become the new kingmaker. Many companies have now gone mobile development from social apps to games, to dating apps and new companies are forced to keep up.

Here are the few reasons why startups are choosing to go to mobile:

Mobile Phones Are Being Widely Used By People

According to the research conducted by Pew Research Center, 95 % of Americans own a smartphone. This indicates that out of 330 million people in the U.S., some 313,500,000 own a mobile phone. Can you tell us how many of you access Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on the desktop? According to an article in Forbes, there are 85% of Twitter users in America in 2014 accessed the site on smart devices. Smartphone has grown more quickly as compared to cell phones. Now, people rely on one device that can do it all.


Create A Direct Marketing Channel

 There are many functions being served by apps such as news feed, general info, search features and more. But one of the main benefits is that all the information that you’d like to provide to your customers i.e. promotions or sales is right at their fingertips. With the help of push notifications, you are getting closer to a direct interaction and can easily remind the customers about the products.

Mobile Rules The Day

 Do you know that average global phone penetration was at 93 %? When it comes to active mobile usage countries that are considered underdeveloped such as South Asia, are now nearing par with the rest of the world and these regions are growing rapidly and continues to happen.

Better Customer Experience

Well according to study, a person checks his smart device 85 times a day. The user spends five hours browsing the web and using apps. So, now you can imagine how much closer you can be to the customer if your business is on the mobile. Today, the users like everything at fingertips and with plenty of options openly floating in the market, they aren’t ready to wait.

Can Track Your Users For Their Benefit

With a website, you can use data recording, heat mapping, measure bounce rate and more. But you can do the same thing with mobile apps too. There are a lot of solutions available such as App Analytics, Mixpanel, Google products and much more. You can adjust your message to meet your user’s expectations by checking out which sections within your app are visited more often.

Mobile Users Are More Than Desktop Users

 Did you know that nearly 40% of users tend to move on other sites if they feel that the one they are on isn’t optimized for mobile? The faster you adapt to mobile, the more beneficial it is for your business. And if you still have a doubt, remember what Zuckerberg has said, “ On mobile, we are going to make a lot more money than on desktop”.

So, what are you waiting for? The First step is to build your app idea. If you want to build your app but not sure from where to begin to give us a shout. To reach your audience, you have to be there and that’s on their mobile devices. If you are still waiting to adopt a mobile-first strategy in your business, so wait no more.

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