Top Mobile App Development Trends -2019

Top Mobile App Development Trends that Will Rule in 2019

Mobile apps have now been the solution for each and every task that we come through in our daily lives. From shopping, travelling to ordering food every work is done in minutes at our fingertips. The mobile app development sector is one of the fastest growing sectors which is coming up with innovative technology to make the lives of people easier and smooth.

There is huge no of downloads of applications seen this year. In March 2018, 2,800 million applications were reported on Google Play and 2,200 million on the App Store. This is something that cannot be denied and we can see an exponential growth in this sector that is influencing the lives and as well as the development companies towards a better future. And there’s an expectation that by 2020 the app market will grow and generate around 150 billion dollars in revenue.

The app development sector is ever growing and unstoppable, so there are huge scope and benefit to the app developers and the software development companies to start developing applications with the latest development trends that not only attract customers but will also bring various business opportunities.

With the verge of completion of a great year you can find any significant changes in your life but the that doesn’t go the same with the mobile app industry.  So this is obvious that there would lots of innovative technology ahead that will be advantageous to everyone.

What are the innovative technologies that will set a mark in the upcoming year?

So the first innovation that we can mention here is

Smartest Technology – The Internet of Things

Internet of things is not a concept it’s a network of objects embedded with software, sensors in the presence of electronic connectivity. The concept of smart cities, the smart hospital is all possible with the innovation of this and its integration with mobile apps. With the advancement, we are now able to use mobile connected smart devices in our day to day lives. These IoT objects are now able to collect and exchange information without the involvement of human and are one game-changing technology for the mobile app industry.

The must-have future accessory – Wearables

2019 has promised to bring wearables like smartwatches, fitness bands and more. This trend won’t get outdated so soon. According to the statistics it is estimated that the revenue of the wearable devices will reach a threshold of $33.78 billion by the next year. The wearables are not bringing revenue it’s changing the industries like healthcare and fitness industry and is changing the living style of the people. So the demand for this devices will be evergreen for the coming years ahead.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Well all 3 of them are wonders of the year and are these technologies will be going to do wonders ahead in the year 2019. The AR technology has created a huge influence among the audience in recent years. The AR and VR technology is giving essential power to the gaming apps and these are the top trends for this time but this is not limited the gaming rather this has created a hype around the social media platforms which has surged the user engagement to next level and the apps have really become interactive then before.

ChatBots Integration

Chatbots are only limited to websites anymore. The on-demand applications are the place where you find lots of users at a single time. Chatbots are a way to provide a conversation with the users and help to create interaction and help to respond quickly in real time with them. Chatbot app development has been an integral part as this helps to create sales and improve business digitally.


Customer satisfaction is what important for every app owner. And the EMM(Enterprise Mobility Management) has helped to achieve mobility goals and ensures app security, maintenance of apps and productivity. Whereas APM is the metrics that help to optimize and monitor your app performance and helps to boost your app speed. The APM and EMM are app-oriented and helps the enterprise to develop a robust application that will help to improve the business.

Demand for Cloud-based Storage and Apps

Basically, every smartphone has certain limitations on storage. So now it is to time to integrate the cloud-based app as this will address the storage issues and users will be able to store all the data in a particular cloud. So cloud-based apps are becoming a necessity and have benefits that will include increased security, reliability, lower hosting cost and uninterrupted performance.


Giving an end to the topic, technology advancement is unstoppable and we will find a lot more innovation and experiments coming up in the year ahead. As Mobile apps have become part of human lives and through this, they are able to perform all the crucial activities in just some clicks. So users are always in search of apps that are faster and responsive and these trends have made this possible. This will be a great challenge to the mobile app developers as they need to be updated with all the latest technology and trends.

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