Magento Security Extensions

Top Magento Security Extensions to Help You Design & Develop a Secure Shopping Portal

Magento is currently the most popular eCommerce platform for building and hosting websites oriented towards sales of products and specialized services. With popularity, it is also prone to hackers who attack poorly secured websites and attempt to tamper website content, steal form data and commit credit card frauds as well!

If you are a Magento administrator, you should definitely beef up your Magento installation’s security in order to ward off all kinds of hackers, phishers and cookie thieves.

Here are 5 awesome Magento security-based extensions you can install to improve your website’s security:

1)      Authorize.Net CIM with Recurring Profiles

  • This plugin helps your Magento powered website to be more secure by offering its customers with a SSL encrypted database that stores payment information on an Authorize.Net server.
  • All communication to and from the customer is done via SSL which means total security with encryption.
  • Since all kinds of payments are made on such websites, this plugin also offers an Authorize.Net Customer Information Manager (CIM) that helps recurring customers to save payment credentials easily for future use and retrieval.

2)      Trusted Shops Seller Rating

  • Since most ecommerce websites offer sellers from all over the country, it is viable to include a rating based system in your website with secure ratings offered by the consumers about the seller’s activity.
  • These ratings are like a ‘Seal of Approval’ on the Seller’s name that this seller keeps their confidential information private and does not share it with the general public like phone number, address, email ID etc.
  • By using this plugin, your website becomes more trusted and generates a better ranking amongst consumers as a secure website for making deals over the internet.

3)      SecureTrading

  • Since all eCommerce portals thrive on payments made by consumers, it is imperative to make these payments secure and the processing of the transaction confidential.
  • This plugin redirects the consumers to a SecureTrading server so that their information is secure and private. No other contact form needs to be filled before that. All the consumer needs to do is to complete the transaction.
  • The plugin also offers transaction reporting, online refunds of cancelled/incorrect orders and tokenization support for redeemable offers.

4)      ET IP Security

  • This plugin helps to make your website secure from certain IP addresses that are known to cause malicious behaviour; attempts to use stolen credit cards, or use the comments section to post inappropriate or irrelevant content that can become viral and make the website crash due to bandwidth timeouts.
  • The plugin blocks these IP addresses from the front-end as well as the back-end so that they do not get to see the website or its administrative panel in case of a server hijack.

5)      Enhanced Admin Security: Two-Factor Authentication

  • This plugin is the one-stop solution to manage the back-end of your Magento installation.
  • Not only does it protect administrative privileges through a rigorous two-factor authentication system, but is also ensures that no one else has access to the backend apart from authorized web admins.
  • Brands can leverage the power of this plugin to protect their installation, HTML and PHP code and also the entire server from web attacks.
  • With the two-factor authentication, the user uses a username and password for the first phase and for the second phase a one-time password (OTP) is sent to the user’s smartphone to validate the login for the next 30 seconds.

With these plugins not only does your server backend become secure and attack-free, but your website also becomes less prone to frauds. Installing these plugins is a must for admins who are looking forward to managing an eCommerce portal that witnesses huge traffic and payments on a daily basis.