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Top 10 Break-Through Technology Releases From CES 2017

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas from January 4 through January 8, 2017, exhibited remarkable revolutionary gadgets and gizmos that stood out for their innovative engineering and stunning industrial design. From classy wearable devices and next generation laptops to personal robots and smart speakers, here’s our rundown of the top 10 pioneering designs from CES 2017 that will blow your mind.



The Personal Robot: CES 2017 witnessed the extraordinary skills of several amazing robots. The tiny Kuri Robot is one such robot whose cuteness and delightful persona stole the heart of the onlookers. It has been specially designed to identify specific people, comprehend its surroundings, and use head movements and facial expressions while responding to questions. The Kuri robot takes care of your pet when you are away, can read bedtime stories and play music to your kids. Kuri is embedded with sophisticated technologies that are used for developing next generation robotics, gaming, and smartphones.

Razer Project Valerie—The Triple-Display Laptop:

LHPICKS11 - Razer - Project Valerie##########LHPICK11RAZ_8##########RAZER

In an era of multitasking, a single-screen laptop is not enough. This year CES witnessed the launch of the next generation laptop— Razer Project Valerie, world’s first gaming laptop with triple monitors. Each display screen of the laptop can be combined together to form one colossal display.

Toyota Concept-i:


Toyota unveiled its futuristic self-driving car the Concept-i at the CES year. Concept-i launched by Toyota is powered by Artificial Intelligence that enables the smart car to comprehend the needs, preferences, and moods of the driver. The vehicle also comes with a virtual companion called Yui that lends a real personality to Concept-i.

The Voice-Activated Hub Robot:


LG stole the limelight by showing off its adorable Hub Robot  at the CES 2017. Powered by Amazon’s Alexa, this personal robot can respond to your queries with its facial expressions. What’s more, it can control gadgets, dance as and sing, besides identifying you and your family members.

Lenovo Smart Assistant:

ttpicks11 - Lenovo Smart Assistant##########TTPICKS11LEN_8##########LENOVO

At CES 2017, Lenovo introduced its stylishly designed Internet of Things product named “Smart Assistant” powered by Alexa, Amazon’s voice-enabled Artificial Intelligence. The cylindrical shaped Smart Assistant has been designed to help users operate Lenovo’s smart home devices with ease. Besides reading you news stories, it also helps you create lists, shop online simply by recognizing your voice.

Motiv— the Fitness Ring with Heart Rate Sensor:


This ultra-light smart fitness ring unveiled at CES 2017 is embedded with three sensors that monitor your heart rate besides tracking your steps, calories, and your sleep activity. This stylish fitness wearable device is available in two shades—Rose Gold and Slate Grey. What’s more, this sleek and chic water-resistant fitness tracker is available in seven sizes.

Credit Card Sized Computer by Intel:

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.04.04 AM

This year, Intel stole the spotlight at the CES by rolling out “Computer”, a compute card that you can easily fit into your pocket or wallet. This miniature PC is indeed a commendable development undertaken by the PC giant to enable users to interconnect multiple Internet of Things devices to a central hub. You can operate it either as a PC or to run other smart equipments.

 Sony LSPx-s1:


At the event, Sony launched its Glass Sound Speaker LSPx-s1 that delivers crisp and clear sound at moderate volumes. This cool speaker has a trendy and transparent appearance that perfectly suits simple yet contemporary decors. This portable speaker features a dimmable LED bulb that imitates a flame. You can use either an Android or iOS device to dim the light remotely. It comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can play music for almost four hours, based on the level of volume.

 Aire— the Smart Digestive Tracker:


This elegantly designed portable digestive tracker launched at CES this year helps you determine what food items are suitable for your body. This app-connected gadget is capable of managing stomach ailments such as chronic constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhoea.

 Eye-Tracking Virtual Reality (VR) Headset by Fove:

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 11.24.44 AM

This Virtual Reality headset by Fove enables you to play games by controlling your eye movements. This stylish VR headset tracks the movement of your eyes thus preventing motion sickness. The biggest advantage of this headset is that it displays the virtual world to the user in a more realistic manner.

These are the top 10 revolutionary products with stupefying designs picked by us from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The next-generation products exhibited at the convention this year not only reflected ground-breaking designs but also world-class engineering, cutting-edge technology, brilliant functionality, and originality. The pioneering tech trends and ultra-modern gadgets launched at  CES this year will certainly propel the future of technology globally.