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WordPress vs. Drupal vs. Joomla. An Attempt To Resolve This Battle Once And For All!

In good number of cases this is a question that holds more theoretical background rather than practical implications because almost every time a users chooses one of these Open Source platforms according to his technical skills and feels inert to change it. However increasing number of young web enthusiast and bloggers preparing to set their first online publishing platform ask this question, and therefore we feel compelled to answer it. I am quite convinced that being a blogger and CMS user myself for almost 5 years makes me capable of making a clear distinction of what to use when.

Just remember. This is also more of a subjective question. How can you compare which one is better, BMW or Mercedes? The answer depends on the type of the platform you want to build and the level of knowledge you possess.

Therefore, let’s start:


No doubt statistically No. 1 CMS platform that powers over 17% of all the websites worldwide. WordPress represent rich Open source ecosystem rich with free and paid plugins support and beautiful free and paid templates. If you are in for paid templates give a try and then take look at what Mobiloitte can do for you!

WordPress would be the best choice if you:

  • Intend to build a dynamic website/blog, rather than a static website
  • You are a first time/early user and you don’t possess much knowledge in web development technologies
  • Your website will be mainly used for regular content creation and delivery
  • You prefer simplicity speed and fast learning curve

The Mobiloitte blog is also powered by self-hosted WordPress which perfectly matches our concept about building a simple online knowledge dissemination platform for our clients and our community which is easy to navigate and focuses on high quality content delivery without unnecessary distractions.


WordPress and Drupal are the two most often compared and analyzed CMS platforms and many users face unnecessary difficulties in deciding which one to choose from. We are dealing with enthusiasts that have migrated between the two without some particular difficulties which is totally logical taking the fact that their needs have changed over time.

Drupal is meant for creating more complex and sophisticated web platforms such as social media sites and other community oriented sites.  It is the preferred choice for most web developers but not for first time users because of its steep learning curve. However dedicating yourself to excel in Drupal CMS can be a truly rewarding experience because you will be practically able to create a website directly from your imagination. Plus it is a skill that is being constantly searched for.  We already have over 300 Drupal projects in our portfolio. Take a look at some of them here and get inspired.

Drupal CMS would be the best choice if you:

  • Already deal and being familiar with  web development because it is a fact that Drupal is mostly developer oriented
  • Intend to build sophisticated social networking or community building site

Be clear about your priorities. WordPress might be fast to deploy and visually stunning and simple but it is less secured. Drupal is known to be the safest CMS but without a proper knowledge or support, you may never finish a Drupal powered website completely.


You may wonder, how can Joomla make a difference with the previous two covering all the aspects and constraints towards each other.

Well, it can. If you intend to build an online store or catalog website Joomla is the best CMS without any long discussion. Joomla possesses the best catalog based themes ever and the setup process is very easy and intuitive.

Joomla CMS could be the best choice if you:

  • Intend to build an online shopping platform
  • Find yourself willing to dedicate bit extra time in understanding this CMS which is slightly more complex than WordPress
  • Need flexible and easily scalable website


This can be a never ending discussion and only your individual preferences can give you the answer. These three are incredibly popular CMS platforms and a preferred choice of many. If you are a novice in this field then WordPress is the way to go for your own website project. But if you have a little experience with web development or CMS, then Joomla is the right option for you. However, Drupal is definitely not your cup of tea if you are a beginner, as it requires more programming knowledge compared to WP or Joomla.

We have given our share. Tell us your thoughts now and share some extra criteria you use to assess and decide which one would be the best CMS for your web needs