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Real Life Scenarios of How IoT Support Sales for FMCG Marketplaces

  The Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry has always been willing to implement new technologies to establish efficient business practices. IT-enabled innovation has significantly improved supply chain processes and warehouse management. The consumer-packaged-goods companies have acknowledged the commercial potential in information by providing insights on customer’s behaviour needs and wants. FMCG companies are shifting towards […]

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Farming: Tablet Apps Play A Key Role in Everything from Harvesting Crops to Selling Produce to Restaurants and at Local Farmers’ Markets

With a world full of chemicals and pesticide-induced farming, more and more customers are opting for a healthy choice and try to avoid GMO based GMFs (Genetically Modified Foods) which are choc-a-bloc with harmful chemicals and are very unhealthy for the human body if eaten on a regular basis.

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