Mobile Application Development Process

Standard process of a Mobile Application Development Company

The portability and flexibility offered by mobility solutions have resulted in an upsurge in usage of mobile applications and mobile internet over desktop applications and the web. Businesses have set aside huge budgets to invest in mobile applications and mobile responsive websites. In recent times, there are many start-ups which have made big bucks and established themselves as brands through mobile applications. If you have not yet got a mobile application developed for your business and wondering how these app companies work? Here is an insight on the standard process followed by mobile application development Company.

Project Discovery & Understanding

The project discovery phase involves a thorough understanding of the requirements of the project. The project discovery involves a detailed discussion with the client to gain understanding of the goal, vision, target market, content requirements and expectations from the mobile application which is to be developed.

Scoping & Estimations

After getting a clear understanding of project requirements, the team involved in the project evaluates the project scope, technical feasibility, project delivery time frame, and cost. A project proposal document is shared with the client that incorporates build specifications, itemized estimates, schedule, and terms.

Wireframing & Functionality

As soon as client approves the proposal, the wireframes are being developed which communicates the design of the mobile application. Wireframes give a preview of aesthetics of the mobile application. The wireframes are shared with the client that helps in understanding the user interaction, experience of the app and functionalities.

Design & Development

In this step, the mobile application is written based on the predefined functionalities. An iterative and incremental design process is followed for the development phase. The user interface and user experience design of the mobile application are crafted.


A rigorous testing is conducted for assuring that the mobile application developed adheres to the functional and design specifications. Comprehensive test is conducted for different devices, screen resolutions, network connectivity and uses cases.

App Store Optimization

This step is very crucial for success of the mobile application development outcome. The mobile application is optimized to rank higher on the application stores. The App title, description, screenshots, and videos are created keeping in mind the target users of the app. App store optimized apps will be easily discovered by the target users and will receive a great number of downloads.


The app is then published on the application stores as per the guidelines mentioned by different application stores such as Apple’s App Store, Google Play or the Windows Phone App store. The mobile app is published on the platforms for which it was developed.

Maintenance & Support

The client is provided support for any bugs or errors that may appear after the app is made available on the application stores for user to download. The maintenance services for the mobile application include upgrading the app with new features and ensuring the app is coherent with the latest updates of the mobile operating system.

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