Some Less Known Myths About App Store Optimization

Some Less Known Myths About App Store Optimization

With the introduction of Mobile Apps and various App store Optimization techniques, the world has seen many useful apps. The time has already started when mobile apps are ruling the app stores. One can download apps from anywhere in the world and can download it from any device. 

It is important to know the mindset of the people, before developing an application. Competing with more than 3 million apps on play store is not as simple as eating a choco pie. Your app needs more customer attention. 

What is App Store Optimization

In simple words, ASO is just a process of improving the visibility of your app on all play stores. In technical words, ASO is the process of ranking apps through keyword searches and pushing them to have more downloads. 

The process of App Store Optimization has few things like making impressive titles, taking screenshots of your app, proper keyword selection, checking the conversion and retention rate.

So the process of ASO is just a boon for your app, This helps the app owner to redesign and develop the app according to the requirement of the user. 

Let’s find some of the less known myths about the complete process of App Store Optimization.

Myth – 1:-

The developers do a common mistake and that is aligning the app name with the most popular search name. The app stores are highly affected by the keywords which are directly proportional to the search ranking algorithms. 

The most important thing is that the title of the app doesn’t have anything to do with the keywords used. The most important thing is naming the app with the most common names can hurt your app. 

Use of attractive, short and crispy titles will bring more users to your app.

Myth – 2:-

Just making your app visible on app stores doesn’t guarantee you that you high rankings on app stores. 

Many developers are misguided they just think the users will automatically come across the app and the number of visits to their app will increase automatically.

It is hard to believe, but it is true that even Facebook and Google have their dedicated ASO team to build strategies and rank their app on the top of app stores.

Myth – 3:-

What do you think about the app description? Many believe that the app description is not so much important. But this is wrong, the main game of ranking the app on the top lies in the description part. 

A good and catchy description along with interactive snapshots are very important to catch more users towards your app. One should make the description more interesting 

The app description is not an extra part, it is the main part of the ASO process. Just go and check the app stores, many trending and the popular apps will be having the most interactive description to get more users.

Myth – 4:-

According to many ASO, strategy makers say that the rating and review of the app don’t affect the downloads of the app. 

Sometimes a low rating app will be having a good amount of downloads. So be simple and genuine and follow the simple ASO strategies to increase the downloads of your app.

Myth – 5:- 

One of the most common misbelieve among all the app owners is that, If one changes the app title frequently then there are greater chances of getting more better reviews. 

Some digital marketing companies also follows and believes that changing the title more often will affect the rank in a better way.

It is advised that one should not change the app title as the app store takes time to list the keyword and the title is the most important tool in making your app more popular.


So App Store Optimization decision is extremely beneficial for better functioning of the app. With over more than 3 million apps on the app store, your app has to compete for getting the best reviews and ratings with more downloads. 

Go it is very important to find the best App Store Optimization services for your app and to attract more users towards your app.

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