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Some Important Features Before Developing An Uber Like App

Uber, Like On-demand service, has changed the complete scenario of the taxi booking. This service model can be applied to almost all the industries. Uber started its disruption from an iOS app and initially, it could only book rides for customers. Now it has been updated and provides various types of services to customers. Some of the Uber updates are Uber Black, UberX, UberPool which helps customers in enhancing their Uber ride experience.

Plan the features for your Uber-like the mobile app

Not many of us know that Uber is made up of three mobile applications and they are:-

  • The admin app
  • The driver app
  • The customer app

Every stakeholder has their own business features.

Let us check the features of each and every business features

The Customer App

Track the Ride

Uber provides an option for its passenger to track the ride after they booked their ride. When the passenger enters into the cab and drops at the desired location, the driver has to approach the request and drives towards the location.

To find the location of the driver the customer can track the cab from the map which is integrated into the app.

Fare Estimation of the ride

The passenger will be able to estimate the price of the ride beforehand on the basis of the pickup location and the drop location.

The fare may vary as per the selection of the car. If the passenger stops at multiple locations between the pickup and drops location the charges will be included in the fare.

Multiple modes of payment

Uber makes the payment mode more eco-friendly by providing various modes of payment. It provides various payment modes like credit card payment, Debit card payment, Cash, Mobile wallet payment, etc.

Track service history

This feature helps the passengers who always prefer Uber on daily basis. This helps the customers to get all the detailed information about their rides in a specific period. It gives all the detailed information about the rides of a specific date.

Book now ride later

This is an advanced feature in Uber which helps the passengers to schedule their rides beforehand. The customer will get the details of the driver before one hour of the scheduled ride.

Panic Button

This is the best feature of the “Uber Like” app. Whenever the passenger feels insecure he/she can press the panic button, this sends a notification to the nearest police station, the authorities of the Uber as well as to the selected family members of the passenger.

Smart wallets and Split charges

Uber provides smart wallet options to its passengers they can pay the fare using these smart wallets by adding these to their bank accounts.

The customers can split the fare between them self as Uber provides the feature of splitting the fare.

The Driver App

Driver Delivery report

This feature ensures the safety of both the driver as well as the passenger. Uber provides a detailed information about the driver as well as the driving style of the driver. The report is the summary of the driving style of the driver in the entire week, month, etc.

Route Optimization

This is the most efficient feature as it provides the best and the optimized route to the drivers so that they can reach the destination in the fastest possible time.

Reward Earning

This helps the driver in earning extra money. The driver has to complete the target number of rides in a given time to earn the rewards.

Shorter 2-minute cancellation window

when the driver reaches the pick-up location, the first 2 minutes are non-chargeable during that time the passenger can cancel the ride. If the passenger takes a lot of time, then they have to pay the fare for that extra time along with the base fare of the ride.


Heat map is basically a map view of the demand. The drivers will be able to know the locations where the ratio of passengers are more and can move to that location so that they can earn more money.

Things one should keep in mind before developing the Uber-like app

The ideal way to build an Uber-like app is to build the basic app version and have to study the market carefully. You should be well aware of the possible new innovations for developing a driver and passenger app. The main thing is to do a good research for your “Uber Like” app and to ensure that your business is in safe hands.

One concentrate on few more elements while developing an “Uber Like” app and they are:-

  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Smooth UI/UX designs
  • Great Visuals and Graphics
  • Good Real-time Functionality

Developing an “Uber Like” app is a great idea, but one should always think for the benefit of every stakeholder who is associated with this app. There shouldn’t be any partiality in the amount of benefit from the app.


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