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Must have Skills for an iOS App Developer to Hire

If you have a brilliant idea which you want to monetize through an app, you must be seeking skilled developers. Conducting basic market research on apps might have helped you to decide to get your app developed for iOS platform initially or you must be thinking to release your app across platforms. iOS is a lucrative platform to release an iPad or iPhone app. Before selecting an iOS App developer for your app development you must look out for these must have skills in the developer.

iOS App Developer Skills


Apple Swift

Swift is the programming language Apple created specifically for developing their apps. An iOS app developer must have working knowledge of Swift and should have developed certain iOS apps in the language.

UX/UI Design Skills

UI/UX Design

An iOS app developer must possess good user experience and user interface design skills. The developer must be able to think in 3 dimensional terms and visualize spatial relationships between objects. The developer must be able to understand how user will interact with various elements in the interface.

Cross Platform

Cross-Platform Developer

An iOS app developer should not only be well versed with developing for iOS platform but should be able to code for Android as well as, you might want to get your app released for other platforms in near future. There is more number of Android devices in the market as compared to iOS ones. An iOS app developer with experience in developing Cross-Platform will help you scale in the future.

Agile Methodology Experience

Agile Development

An iOS developer must have an experience in working in a collaborative environment with cross-functional and self-organizing teams. An iOS app developer who has exposure of agile methodology will be able to develop the app as per the requirement while adhering to deadlines.

Git and Github


An iOS developer must be proficient in the use of version control while working in teams. This allows developers to collaborate on a distributed version control system. Github is repository of source code which helps in bug tracking, feature requests and task management for every project.

Computer Science Degree or equivalent


While it’s not mandatory for an iOS developer to have education background in computer science but a relevant degree would help them in a better understanding of technologies. A developer with certifications would have better grasp of coding fundamentals.


The above mentioned basic criteria will help you in narrowing down to the developer which suits your business’s iOS app development requirement.

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