shopify vs Woocommerce

Shopify vs WooCommerce : what to choose for your eCommerce website

In today’s world, if you are running a manual store, you must be earning a lot of profit. It’s true that you are earning a healthy revenue from the physical store. Have you ever thought of doubling your revenue by just switching your business online? This is true and very helpful for the storekeepers. Many of the physical storekeepers have shifted their physical store to online and fulfilling their dream of getting a huge customer base. One can achieve all these by just having a well-structured eCommerce shopping website.

If you are new to the online product selling business, Then you will face many obstacles and challenges while crossing the path. Don’t worry!! There is an ample number of eCommerce website who are serving many customers efficiently for a long time. You can take ideas from their website and can get encouraged to start your own eCommerce website.

Before shifting your physical store to online, You must have planned which platform to choose for developing your online shopping website. If no then don’t worry, Here in this blog we have selected and compared the two of the most trending eCommerce website development platforms, Shopify and Woocommerce.

Let’s start the comparison with some of the stats. An approx of 6,00,000 websites have been developed using Shopify, Whereas WooCommerce powers an approx of 40,000,000 websites. These stats may be old but you can see that WooCommerce is winning in terms of the number of the website developed.

Don’t conclude the comparison by just seeing the number of websites developed, Let’s compare each and every internal fact of both the eCommerce website development platform. Each of the platforms has it’s own unique strength and features. Let’s check out each of them.


  • An online eCommerce platform which assists developers to build an online shopping store without any requirement of code development and modifications.
  • This platform is easy to use, anyone can use it without any hassles.
  • Using this platform, one can freely develop a multifarious shopping platform where they can sell almost everything.
  • One can easily list their products according to various categories.
  • Shopify encourages newcomers to develop an online eCommerce website. One can say this is a wise decision to choose Shopify as your eCommerce website development platform.


Before explaining WooCommerce it is important to know what is WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most reliable CMS which is making a number of websites powerful with a variety of features.

  • WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin powered by WordPress which is built accomplish online shopping website development more efficiently.
  • This platform comes with a host of eCommerce feature which can easily integrate to a WordPress based website.
  • The WooCommerce plugin is free and it is built to be cooperative with many other plugins that support a WordPress website in terms of working.
  • One will get a variety of plugin getaway options for the eCommerce website store. This means whatever one wants in the storefront all are available here with the WooCommerce plugins.

Features of Shopify and WooCommerce:-



A well-structured ECommerce platform. A WordPress eCommerce plugin and is free to avail.
A large number of themes are available in Shopify to build an amazing online website store. Various payment gateways like PayPal, COD, and many more are available.
Provides user-friendly responsive eCommerce designs and templates. User can easily calculate taxes as WooCommerce helps in calculating local tax rates and tax classes.
It allows webmasters to use their own domain name instead of the custom ones. Helps in checking inventory levels, Incoming sales, and generic store performance. As these are some of the exciting features in the WooCommerce plugin.
Design customization facility can also be accessed by the users if they need. Provides many stores the potential to cross-promote their brand and increase their revenue.
Social media integration made easy with the help of Shopify eCommerce development. Product integration can be done in each and every categories.

A Better Price Comparision:-

Shopify is very clear in terms of pricing. It charges nominally for various types of eCommerce development. On the other hand, WooCommerce has some bit of confusion in terms of pricing. Although, it’s free to use. It always comes with various other expenses. As WooCommerce comes under WordPress which needs a proper hosting, domain name, extensions, and SSL certificate to run an eCommerce website more efficiently.


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The Usage Comparision:-

The following graph will give you clear data about the usage of every eCommerce development platform.

Shopify vs WooCommerce

Great Support Comparision:-

Shopify is well-renowned for it’s 24*7 on-time support system. A user can raise their query and will get a quick reply. Experts will give the answers to their queries via a live chat or via mail.

On the other hand, WooCommerce is also a powerful plugin which provides excellent support every time to all the users. One can easily clear their queries and doubts by just joining the forums and WordPress plugin community.

Here we conclude the comparison between two of the most powerful eCommerce development platform for their online dream store. The blog has almost covered each and every aspects that a user generally search for before starting developing their eCommerce website.


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