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The selection criteria of Mobile App Developer for your App Project

The app economy is projected to double in size to reach $ 101 billion in 2020. The proliferation of smartphones has fueled the growth of mobile apps. Every growth-oriented business is offering mobility solutions to its customer. If you are also planning to introduce a mobile app for your customers or you have a smart media which you can monetize through an app, you must be looking out to hire a mobile app developer. Following is the selection criteria which will help you choose the right developer for your mobile app.

Mobile Apps Developed

Before selecting a mobile app developer you must check out few of the apps developed by them in the past. You should ask for links to the apps developed which are available on the app/play stores. You can download and use the apps to find out about the UX/UI design. This will give an insight into the expertise of the developer you wish to hire.

Client References

You should ask for client references from the developer you have shortlisted. This will help in getting feedback from the clients who have an exposure of working with the mobile developer. The developers who have good working relationships with their clients will readily provide client’s contact information.

Cross Platform Development

If you have found a developer who has expertise in developing for iOS platform but is not well versed with android development then you are overlooking a large number of android users. You can either hire a developer who is proficient in cross-platform development or you may hire a team of mobile developers who have expertise in developing for different platforms.

Communication Process

You must be well aware of what will be the communication process during development phase. You must ask the developer how frequently will you receive updates on the development process and what will be the mode of communication.

App Store Submission

You must ask the developer beforehand that who will take care of submission of the app to the app store. Whether there would be an extra charge for app store submission? For an app to be submitted to the app store, the app must comply with app store guidelines. It’s important for you to have a clear picture on this before you select a mobile app developer.

Mobile App Monetization

You must ask the developer how your app will generate revenue. Whether the app will be pay per download or it would be a free one. In the case of a free app, your app developer must be proficient in integrating mobile display ads, in-app purchases or paid subscription services.

Support & Maintenance

You need to consider the post-deployment support for your app. Most apps need to be updated time and again to upgrade it with new features. You must get information on the support and maintenance services offered by the mobile app developer.


The success of your mobile app largely depends on the expertise of the mobile developer who has developed it. A good developer should not only be well versed with coding but should have deep insight into the design and user experience offered by the app.

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