Ruby on Rails for Android

Ruby on Rails: One of the Hot Web Application Framework 2016

As the technology is evolving, countless new frameworks are evolving superior to others in the market. Developer gets stuck with specific functionality challenges while building web applications, every framework bring its own pros and cons. The most robust amongst all is Ruby on Rails, one of the preferable frameworks of developers for building modern web apps.

As of January 2106, the estimated count of websites/web apps powered by Ruby on Rails was 1.2 million, a remarkable number for any young technology.

Recently, Rails was released taking over the shortcoming of predecessor, here is the official blog post where you can get information in detail about latest versions. Majorly, the latest release includes enhancements and security fixes, a positive for developers to upgrade to new version of Rails.

Do big brands use RoR?

Sometimes following the footprint of industry leaders is considered to be a safe step while choosing the technology for your specific project needs, sharing some popular websites built with Ruby on Rails Framework:

  • Bloomberg
  • Airbnb
  • GitHub
  • Slideshare and lot more.

ROR is a hot web development technology at the moment; it is a superior solution for those who are interested in web application development. There are various reasons why enterprises should use Ruby on Rails:

  • Ruby developers take minimum time to develop web applications – enterprises save time & money.
  • Flexible framework, enterprises can easily and quickly customized/modified their web applications.
  • Ruby on Rails is an open source software and mature framework faster than ever.

Ruby on Rails for iOS/Android app

Ruby on Rails is mainly used for creating web applications, but it is a great technology to build backend of mobile apps. The developers only need to build an API on RoR to communicate the data and processing with the  iOS and Android app.

The technology is preferred more amongst startups and SMEs, to build their web presence and power their mobile apps with robust backend. Here is another article on RoR stats that might interest you Statistics and figures highlighting the websites using Ruby on Rails and its market share.