eCommerce and Payments Plugins

ROR Remarkable eCommerce and Payments Plugins That Empower the Ruby on Rails Portal

With the advent of eCommerce shopping and retail, the world is now invaded with a plethora of options to help them shop better and smarter from the comfort of their location and also to help them save money in the entire process via discounts, offers and cashbacks!

To be true, what you see on a website is very different from what a developer has to configure into his code in Ruby on Rails (ROR) to help you see those shining offers, deals and product ranges. To enable this, he uses a perfect balance of various ROR plugins solely built to empower any Ruby on Rails powered mobile or web application aimed toward making eCommerce and payments better. Some of these plugins are:

1)      Freemium

  • Freemium is a simple yet powerful Subscription management and processing tool that helps a ROR powered application to manage mass subscriptions and archiving with ease. The Freemium ROR plugin attempts to offer service subscriptions to customers and helps them sign-up with ease.
  • It can handle multiple customer or group subscription plans (totally free, paid premium, paid premium plus, etc.) You can also control invoices via this plugin to enter with the merchant gateway to support your format of credit card storage or automated recurring billing.

2)      ActiveMerchant

  • This plugin is very similar to Freemium but is better used for one-off billing purposes (one customer at a time) like retail environments. Freemium can handle multiple storage and recurring bills of credit cards whereas ActiveMerchant is better at archiving login data, managing passwords and card data.
  • Please note that Freemium depends on the use of ActiveMerchant for the Credit Card mode that ActiveMerchant uses to handle its payment gateway. So, they are normally used together.

3)      Spree

  • Spree is a highly flexible issue tracker that can let you spot various bugs in your payment gateways to sort them out before someone’s invoicing or payment goes wrong.
  • All kinds of bugs can be viewed by teammates and collaborators to sort he issues in sign-up or login data like age, comments, update time and filter them by closed and open issues, assignees, labels and milestones to properly document the issues for future retrieval.

4)      ROR eCommerce

  • This is a general ROR framework for generating and displaying various kinds of invoices and is ideal for most commercial Rails apps that deal with eCommerce and payment systems of any kinds.
  • It allows for extremely flexible handling of business logic and provides various tools for taxation handling and commission calculation for quick deployment and automatic generation of invoices and payment transaction information. This makes it highly developer-friendly and accountant-friendly.

5)      ShippingLogic 

  • This is a brand new plugin for ROR that aims to handle various shipping and tracking portals for shipments via eCommerce websites or portals. Currently it supports only FedEx and will support other portals in the future too.
  • The project management in this plugin is really easy and you can easily add support for a new service with new classes.
  • The code currently works on the Shippinglogic::Fedex::Track repository and is very simple to implement the tracking of a shipment via barcodes or QR codes via in-scan technology. The scans get integrated with your payment gateway to constantly update the customer about the location of the product in-transit and its estimated delivery time. 

All these above mentioned plugins support multiple payment gateways being used worldwide like PayPal, Stripe, PayPal Express, Remi, Amazon Flex Play, DataTrans and PayPal Fees Calculator, to name a few.

You can use them to effectively bolster your payment system, invoice generation, handling and retrieval apart from management of user profiles, passwords, avatars and comments posted by users for products of any kind.