rise-of-the-app -the-mobile-revolution-in-retail-industry

Rise Of The Apps: The Mobile Revolution In Retail Industry

The mobile app market is soaring rapidly with the increasing adoption trend of smartphones by the large percentage of the population. Likewise, other industry, the mobile apps has taken over the retail industry.  Report from App Annie’s Forecast Intelligence reveals that India’s app store downloads to grow 92% to 7.7 billion in 2016, and to reach 20.1 billion by 2020.

Further, as per Business Insider, surveys conducted on retail marketing throws light on important stats that will give a clear understanding how, this retail industry is hugely influenced by mobile app.  This report reveals that over 60% of US consumers use mobile devices to interact with retailers online .  Moreover, 44% of customers prefer a mobile shopping over mobile web app.

Business Insider: Stats on Glance

  • A regular user spends 201.8 minutes a month in mobile shopping apps, while he spends only 10.9 minutes in the webstores.
  • Mobile commerce will make up 45% of total e-commerce by 2020, equaling $284 billion in sales, states another study by Business Insider Intelligence.
  • Mobile shopping apps captures 42% of mobile revenue for the top 500 retailers.

From this data is quite obvious to figure out that mobile app is one of the fastest-growing industry in India and worldwide.

A mobile app is the perfect tool to upscale the revenue of a retail megastore.

Further, from Google Analytics data, we can the rise in mobile app spending, i.e. 30% of all online shopping is done via mobile phone. Hence, the mobile apps are quite important for retailers as customers spend 16% more per transaction via mobile app – for every $100 spent on the desktop, mobile app spend has risen to $116.

Let’s see how these apps are beneficial to retail industry:

Loyalty Campaign helps Retailers to Establish a Trust among Users (Sale Offers, Discounts coupons)

It is quite easy to increase the sales or create upsell using the loyalty campaign. This also helps retailers to cross-sell opportunities and to enhance engagement. Further, retailers boost their sales and marketing strategies depending upon the market trend and the data acquired by the loyalty campings like sale coupons, discount offers and etc.

Push Notification Powers to Increase Sale:

Not to mention, how crucial is push notifications for retailers.  The push notification powers the sales opportunity, establishing a communication bridge between customer and the products. This allows the customers to have the right information of product at the right time, reducing their time and effort.

Immersive Shopping Experience:

The interactive business app will help a retail business to provide their customer to have access to detailed information and description about the product. And when the target customer gets the complete information, they will definitely hit the shopping cart.

Effective Business Marketing:

The mobile apps have emerged as an important marketing tool to market services and product in a well organised manner. Hence, retailers find an easy and flexible approach to market their product in no time, and also establishes a brand with the robust mobile app.

Thus, we can see an overall transformation in the retail industry, and all the credit owes to mobile app. And with the increasing demand for mobile apps the, mobile app industry is considerably growing.