Mobile App Development Approach

Choosing the right approach from Mobile App Development Companies

If you have ever got an app developed for your business in the past or you have conducted a basic research on mobile app development, you might be well aware of the native mobile app development and hybrid app development approach. Even if you are well informed on these app development approaches, the dilemma persists on which is the right approach for your mobile app. The answer to the question of which approach is best for your business lies in the understanding of the native and hybrid applications.

Native Mobile App Development

Native apps are developed for a specific OS such as iOS or Android. They have superior performance as they run on specific devices’ operating system and can take full leverage of device functionality and hardware.

Native apps have access to device functions such as push notifications, camera, address book options, GPS, SMS messaging as well as offline access. As native apps take advantage of the display features and unique device capabilities, they have a better user interface as compared to hybrid apps.

The native apps are inherently secure as they can utilize the platform’s built-in security features. The native apps offer a premium user experience as they have characteristics which are natural to the platform they are developed for. The downside of native app development process is that it is expensive and needs more development time. For each platform, a specific native app needs to be developed which the reason is getting native apps developed can be a bit costly affair.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid apps are built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code which run in an internal browser and are then wrapped in a native app skin. Hybrid apps are usually cheaper than native apps and take less time to build.

Hybrid app development approach is preferred while developing apps for multiple platforms. They have a shorter development cycle which means they can be released to market in a short duration of time.

Although in terms of performance hybrid apps lack the advantage which native apps inherit. Hybrid apps also offer a lower level of security as compared to native apps.


If you are looking for app development services which is performance oriented and has a high demand for graphic quality such as gaming apps or have demand for security such as in-app payment then you should choose native app development approach. And if you are looking for cost effective development with shorter time to market than you should go for hybrid app development.

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