Android App Development Strategy

The right Android Apps Development Strategy for Developing Markets

In the third quarter of 2015, 84.7 percent of all smartphones sold were equipped with Android OS. The proliferation of smartphones in the developing economies such as India, China, and Brazil etc. has offered a massive user base for mobile applications. More and more businesses are investing in developing markets which are more lucrative as compared to developed markets. The mobile application development strategy for developing markets is significantly different than that of developed markets owing to economic, social and psychological differences. Following is the right app development strategy for developing markets.

Android over iOS

The number of mobile devices equipped with Android significantly exceeds iOS devices in the developing markets owing to the low cost of Android devices. According to a report by Strategy Analytics, Android holds 97% OS share for the second quarter of 2016 in India. The technology giants such as Google have already introduced considerably low-cost Android smartphones to target vast population of developing economies. Investing in Android over iOS platform would be a wise decision while developing apps for developing markets.

Free App over Paid App

For developing economies such as India and China, free apps will have been able to target a large user base as compared to paid apps as fewer users are interested in paid apps. Offering a paid Android app on Google Play Store will build resistance against the app as the android users have plenty of free apps to choose from.


The rising numbers of smartphones has facilitated the growth of mobile advertising. In-App, advertising will allow you to place targeted advertisements in your app to target your app’s user base. You can also offer free Android app which has some premium features that can be unlocked once the user pays for it. You can also provide an option for In-App purchases through which you can sell virtual goods as extra lives in a game. You can also use sponsorship in your apps through which you can partner with advertisers who will provide your users with rewards when they complete certain actions within your app.

App Marketing

For the App to be successful you need to promote your Android App on Google Play Store by crafting an attractive app description supplementing it with a visually appealing image. You need to market your app keeping in mind your target audience and their preference. The developing markets will need a very different marketing strategy as compared to developed markets. You need to localize your app marketing efforts.


The developing markets with a sizeable smartphone user base present immense opportunities to Android Apps Development companies. It is up to them whether are ready to capitalize on this opportunity or not.

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