Engineering & Manufacturing

Revolutionary Apps in the World of Engineering and Manufacturing: Make Your Factories Run More Efficiently, Sales More Seamless, and Service Calls More Productive!

Engineering and Manufacturing – These are two core modules of the product launch process.

Without them, a product cannot be conceptualized. After all, how will a product become tangible or a reality unless it is engineered with precision and manufactured using cutting-edge technology to bring forth a product that not only brings a revolution in its niche, but also helps make millions of lives simpler and better!

The Need for Custom Apps that Run Entire Factories!

  • The world is progressing far and wide, especially in the manufacturing sector, which is going through an industrial renaissance. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is the mantra for every businessman who wants to meet his product’s market demand as well as keep wastage of raw material to a minimum – that is where effective engineering helps.
  • With the advent of the ‘smart apps’ culture, engineers can now review and publish designs on-the-go to speed up the entire product lifecycle management chain.

Why is an App Ecosystem Beneficial to a Company’s Growth?

  • Whatever platform you choose for your company’s product management and manufacture process, the fundamental principle remains the same – effective management with inputs from all iotas of the business to facilitate the product development process.
  • Most new-age engineering companies are now helping transform the entire manufacturing industry by incorporating Android or iOS ecosystems in their companies to bring innovation and foresight to the industry at an unforeseen rate.

From the Factory Floor to the Service Teams – All Interconnected!

  • The new companies adopting newer methods of manufacturing like upgraded conveyer systems, extraction technologies, High-Temperature Processing, rapid prototyping and Sustainable Manufacturing now use apps that get the work streamlines right from the factory floor to the sales and service teams and feedback from enterprise customers.
  • Bringing a concept to realization becomes much faster thanks to these apps which help the teams work outside the organization charts, but within lines of business and IT practices prevalent in the industry.
  • Custom apps that are built for various facets of the business like factory operators, marketing teams, sales reps, and service providers help them all interconnect together and streamline their workflows and to tap into complex legacy systems from anywhere in the world!
  • Not only that they have instant access to critical corporate files and data for quick retrieval and analysis.

What are the Apps Like?

  • Some apps feature virtual-reality that helps to trigger 3D overlays with a factory machine and identify the particular part the machine contains.
  • Location-based service apps help to automate various processes with the help of Bluetooth or iBeacon technology.
  • Some mission‑critical apps help to provide more security to some process with the help of Touch ID or fingerprint scanning.
  • Some apps help in gaining real-time connectivity to production lines especially when production needs to be stopped or altered in case of storms or emergencies.
  • Data collection and sending is facilitated via secure chat. Maintenance logs are automatically updates and products are tracked in real-time when they are on the factory line via RFID chips.
  • Some apps are sensor-driven and help aligning of one part with another which is critical especially in mechanical engineering.
  • Many apps help engineers and probable customers to get on-demand access to numerous products and their literature, specifications and catalog for offline viewing or download.

These custom apps now help factories to run more seamlessly and efficiently. Service calls are now more productive and regularized. Not only that, attention to good design is also achieved by constant customer feedback that comes in via such custom apps.

A new age of technology is a boon, as that is led by automation and mass-production with efficient management. It is time for more companies to realize the hidden potential of these custom-made corporate and consumer-oriented apps which can bring a revolution in their business!