Event Management with IoT

Remove Event Management Hustle with IoT – Let’s see How

A successful event is one where the visitors have a mesmerizing experience. The event organizers face a challenge to create a unique experience adhering to the budget constraints. Managing the crowd at the event venue is another big roadblock that event managers confront frequently. The event organizers have to race against time to pool in the right resources at the right time. The event managers also have to take green initiatives to organize the event without any negative impacts on the environment.

Internet of Things technology will remove hassles from organizing events and render an unmatched experience to the attendees. Let’s see how IoT can be a boon for removing events management hustle.

Automated Onsite Registration

One of the biggest challenges in event management is manual registration at the venue. In case the event is receiving a large number of attendees, the registration process can be cumbersome. Internet of Things will facilitate visitors to use their smartphones to communicate with onsite registration software to check in.

Crowd Management

The event site will be equipped with sensors to monitor crowds and inform the event organizers in case of the number of people exceed the capacity. Internet of Things enabled sensors can also automate opening & closing of entry and exit doors to effectively manage the crowd.


Beacons can be installed at various locations at the event site which will help the visitors to navigate through the venue. The visitors will use their smartphones to interact with these beacons and will also get real-time updates on the event.

Interactive Posters

The venue can have interactive posters located at various places to help visitors get more information on the event. The visitors can interact with these posters through their smartphone app and get more information on a specific topic.

Real-Time Analytics

Internet of Things can be used to fetch real-time data and deduce insights for effective event management. The information such as at which section of the venue the visitors are most engaged. The information on the number of visitors can be used for better crowd management.

Smart Lights

The venue can be equipped with smart lights which will glow dim or bright based on the number of visitors. This will help in implementing green initiatives and better resource management.


Event management is one such industry which will be hugely benefited by IoT implementation as the technology will not only help in rendering a positive experience for the visitors but also improve operational efficiency for the organizers.

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