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React Native 0.60 – New Updates And Improvments

React Native 0.60 is all set to rule the mobile app development process with its all-new features. Recently the team of React Native announced the advent of the new update which is React Native 0.60.

In this digital world full of new technological stacks, Why to use React Native for mobile app development? Lets first know a few things about React Native, then we will go for the latest version.

What is React Native?

React Native is the native version of JavaScript framework used for developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS. 

Having great backup popularity given by Facebook this app development framework is ruling the mobile app development ecosystem.

With the arrival of new updates in the latest version of React Native which is named as React Native 0.60. The new version has some updated features as compared to the former versions.

Let’s read the blog and find out the various updates which React Native 0.60 has got for the hybrid app development platform.

Let’s see the new updates in React Native 0.60

Great support for AndroidX

With the migration of React Native with the Android Extension Library (AndroidX), native codes and dependencies are also needed to be migrated.

Due to this shift, all of the apps which are built on React Native, they have to use AndoidX themselves.

The React Native team has got a solution for this problem, they have developed a solution called “Jetifer ”. This is an automation tool having a style more compatible with React Native. 

More Improved Accessibility

The 0.60 discharge transports various enhancements for the availability APIs front for the two iOS and Android. 

The rundown of upgrades while wide, involved components like announce For Accessibility, and progressions in real-life support, jobs, banners, and the sky is the limit from there. 

The response local group is confident that with these progressions it will be simpler to be an A11Y (a numeronym for Accessibility).

Auto linking for Operating Systems

The React Native libraries regularly comprise of local and stage explicit code.

This new system enables your undertaking to find and after that utilization that code. Respond Native CLI group has presented real progressions like this in auto-connecting.

CocoaPods as a part of iOS

CocoaPods is an application-level conditions administrator, intended for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa ventures. Respond Native presently accompanies CocoaPods in iOS of course. Designers are mentioned to open the iOS stage code by utilizing “xcworkspace” document.

Lean Core Removals

The new changes include the arrangement of Webview and NetInfo into independent vaults. They have been effectively expelled from the React Native vault. Geolocation has likewise been expelled, in light of the network criticism.


React Native has gained popularity due to its performance. It is very much impressive that React Native App Development Services reduces the time required for mobile app development.

It is believed that app development time is reduced from 40% to 90%. The most important thing is the app remains the same for both Android and iOS.