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PyCon Australia 2016 | Python Conference – from Mobiloitte’s Eye


Australia’s PyCon is an annual conference for sharing the interesting facts of the Python programming language with users and developers! This is the seventh national conference (PyCon 2016) will be held August 12-16 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. Python conference is must for any people (from dabbler to professional) who want to learn Python programming.

First Day (12th August)

An event will start with fresh morning tea! The first day, Friday, speakers will cover a number of interesting and special topics such as:

  • Internet of Things

    Presentations and demonstrations of how Python powers IoT devices, services and applications.

  • Education Seminar

    This multi-disciplinary approach shares Python interests and experiences with professional educators like Python workshop organizers, instructors and developers.

  • Django Conference

    Attendees will also get essential information about Django for beginners who want to learn, how to create a website via Django framework.

  • Science & Data

    In which speakers will talk about – how python tackles commercial and research challenges in the data and science.

Second & Third Day (13th – 14th August)

These are the main two days of the conference; speakers will be covered schedule of tutorials and talks for Python audiences from beginner to professional. We have listed down a number of tutorials, let’s have a look:

  • Practical Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Technical blogging for Python Programmers, etc.

Apart from tutorials, representatives share some interesting facts on Python.

Fourth & Fifth Day (15th – 16th August)

Last two days of sprinting where developers, documenters, professionals and designers sit together, share their experiences and knowledge of Python bug fixes and features. As an open source sprints gives attendees (developers and Python lovers) the great opportunity to drive their knowledge into practice.

This is all about PyCon Australia Conference 2016! Stay connected with Mobiloitte – if you want to get more information about PyCon.

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