iBeacon Notification

How to Push Notifications and Alerts to Mobiles outside Your Store

Image Courtesy : qoncept

Engagement has been the buzzword for quite some time and there is some good news for retailers. You can now push relevant notifications and alerts to Bluetooth enabled devices not just when your customers are inside your store, but also when they are outside and within a specified distance of it, with the help of a device called iBeacon. Sounds interesting?

iBeacons are truly remarkable as they allow storekeepers to push product related notifications and banners directly on to the screens of prospective customers. It works not just inside the store, but also outside the store up to a specified radius.

iBeacon App

How to push iBeacon notifications

  • iBeacons work with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and is a small indoor-based positioning system which automatically sends information to nearby smartphone devices as and when they come within its proximity.
  • iBeacons work flawlessly with all store-supported payment gateways, thereby promoting quick and easy payments without requiring credit cards.
  • Push-notifications can be floated by store owners to pre-subscribed customers’ screens.
  • Since iBeacons connect automatically to the receiving devices, store owners can easily send up-to-date and contextualized information location-wise.
  • Make sure that your notifications are easy to read and understand.
  • A custom-made mobile app must be installed in the receiving devices.
  • Design neat and intuitive notifications and allow them to go off once a customer goes out or comes in a specified location.
  • Also, make sure to not bombard your customers with too many notifications.


Image Courtesy : Beacon Inside

The iBeacon technology integrates with traditional CRM, hence you must chalk out a plan on the number and type of notifications you will send to your customers. If handled correctly the iBeacon can revolutionize the way your customers behave when inside or even near your store.