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5 third-party Productivity Tools for Mobile Application Developers

Mobile applications have been a game changer for businesses around the globe. Mobile apps have not only aided businesses by providing mobility solutions to the customers but they have also helped in establishing new ways of conducting business. The proliferation of mobile apps has opened up avenues for mobile app developers to develop innovative apps. Here is a list of top 5 productivity app development tools which mobile app developers can use to improve the app development process and the product.

Bit Bucket

First in the list of our app development tools is Bitbucket. It is a distributed version control system which helps you collaborate with your team. The advantage of working with Git solution is that it can scale massively. Bitbucket also provides private as well as public repositories. It prevents errors by controlling the actions user can perform through branch permissions.

Notable Prototypes

It helps in creating clickable prototypes from sketches, wire-frames or visual mock-ups. You can upload screens, add hotspots to link them together and test your ideas with real users. This application doesn’t require you to wait for user testing till implementation. It helps in utilizing prototypes in the design process to make improvements in your design.

Geny Motion

It is a powerful virtualization platform which can simulate 3000+ virtual device and every imaginable situation for enhancing user experience. It works on the agile methodology which allows developers to code and test often. The tool allows you to develop test cases with Java API and automates them with the help of command line tool or with Grade plugin while you are in development phase. You can even use your laptop webcam as the video source for your android camera. You can develop and test your geo-location based apps. It helps you make better apps.


It is a tool which supports mobile testing and it is based on agile development methodology. The Jenkin plugins enable you to execute test cases directly from Jenkins and to upload applications available in the Jenkins workspace onto devices. Jenkins supports continuous integration and continuous delivery of projects.


It’s a mobile analytics platform which provides in-depth analysis of user’s behavior which helps in designing premium app experience. You can integrate Appsee’s mobile analytics SDK into your iOS or Android App with just a single line integration code. Appsee helps in enhancing app engagement, conversion, and in-app monetization. You can easily capture how your users interact with your app and what are the major challenges they face while using the app.

Another major platform which is not exactly a tool, but deserves to be here:

Stack Overflow

This question and answer format website act as a knowledge base for mobile app developers. The open source site helps mobile app developers to find a solution for the problem they encounter while development. The developers can also post answers as comments for the question asked by other developers. The most discussed topics on the site include Java, Javascript, PHP, Android, HTML etc.

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