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Police Forces Are Now Always ‘On-Duty’ Thanks To Mobile Apps

In this world of cutting edge-technology, police forces too have adapted to the demands of the world and carry mobile devices along with their standard protection equipment and armaments.

Why? Because efficient patrolling demands stringent security. How does a mobile device perform just as good as a gun? You will soon find out! Now, mobile devices are part of each police officer’s duty belt just beside their normal gun, their police radio transceiver and other critical equipment that helps save many lives along with the life of the police officer/s.

Why Do Police Officers Need Mobile Phones?

  • Mobile devices use different mechanisms with the help of technology to keep a tab-check on the community the police are guarding, day and night!
  • With mobile apps of various kinds, it is now easier to run demographic checks to look into problems with crime and other disorders in social conduct of the individuals staying in the society.
  • With a research-based approach, they have made taking overviews of society more cost effective and efficient. They are also now more responsive to the society in the likes of speedy service and reaching spots that earlier took them more time to reach.

How Do They Do It?

  • The motto of each police officer around the world is to, ‘Protect, Serve, and Share’. They fulfil this by using their mobile devices as two-way ‘multimedia conduits’ which allow them to keep watchful eyes on various kinds of people, places and greasy situations that need their constant monitoring. For e.g. a place prone to bomb threats.
  • Law enforcement on a mass scale has been possible only because of technology, in such a time where the world’s population is way too much to control peacefully.
  • Mobile devices are portable, ease to use due to their customised UIs and are an instant-on technology that makes them readily usable in any and every weather condition. Not only this, specialized mobile apps for various kinds of tasks have not only made the police forces better at their work but also enhanced their thinking process and made them more smarter!
  • Since these devices generally have large displays with clear text and visuals, it is now possible for detectives, command staffs and field officers to view various kinds of details like maps, photos, location based information and what not.
  • They can quickly take down notes via the onscreen keyboards too. Gone are the days of carrying a notepad for taking down eyewitness details.
  • It has also helped bridge the gap between senior and junior police officers and the common public since technology discussions help break the morbid silence that normally envelopes a crime scene or investigation.
  • Since they are always connected to the internet and police server, they can download and send rich streams of data on potential issues or running cases. They can look at detailed satellite maps, send emails and take photos of the victims or the potential suspects from any location whatsoever.

This way, the perpetrators can be quickly identified and captured. Cracking many cases has been possible only because of the speed and effectiveness of this technology. Sending information back and forth across various departments is now easier and more streamlined than ever.

Not only do such apps solve crimes, they are like directories that hold searchable data – raw field data. These data files can be used to offer keynotes in terms of a case breakthrough to help the community understand a case in simpler terms.

It is now time that other countries also update their networks with such seamless services and make their law enforcement practices better.