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Pinterest Partners up with Kenshoo to introduce Search Ads

In an official announcement, Pinterest has revealed about its new formed partnership with a global leader in agile marketing Kenshoo to launch Search Ads. Pinterest is a visual catalog for ideas, inspirations wherein the users can upload, save, sort and manage image & videos known as pins through collections known as pinboards.

Pinterest receives a staggering 2 billion searches from over 150 million people looking for a visual reference. Most of these searches are for product and services which people are planning to purchase. To capitalize on these searches Pinterest has introduced Search Ads to add leading brands products & services in its searches. Pinterest has already started testing with several partners including Barilla, eBay, Garnier, Target, The Home Depot and Walgreens.

The Search Ads on Pinterest will promote visually engaging ads that will motivate consumers searching for relevant products to buy.  This will give search marketers an unmatched opportunity to engage customers earlier in the buying stage. Search Ads will not only provide well-established brands a breakthrough opportunity to increase their revenues but it will also provide small players to increase their product visibility.  Pinterest revealed that 97% of its top searches were for non-branded products.

The Search Ads has a comprehensive suite of features which include Keyword and Shopping campaigns that are shown in search results along with new targeting and reporting options. The Search Ads will transform consumer search as it allows marketers to involve in the buying journey from discovery to action.

The consumer searches have now shifted from dedicated desktop websites to mobile devices. The smartphone search clicks reached 52% in the fourth quarter of 2016 which was a 50% increase as compared to 2015. The search has fragmented across various platforms such as social media, retail sites, in-app, voice controls which have increased the challenge for marketers. The marketers have to identify the search pattern across various platforms to optimize target audience strategy.

Through Search Ads, Pinterest has emphasized on improving the visual experience for mobile searches. The entire search journey from search to final click will happen inside the Pinterest app. The promoted pins will resemble organic content with engaging visuals. Promoted pins which showcase products in real-life settings leads to a 30% higher click through rate and 170% higher checkout rate.

Kenshoo is backing up Pinterest Search Ads by providing deep insights to create a platform which delivers results for all kinds of businesses. Kenshoo will also provide the technology that will aid marketers in capitalizing on Pinterest initiatives.