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95% of Smartphone Users and 65% of Tablet Users Don’t Leave The Sofa While Shopping. What Comes Next!?

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Although intended for mobility benefits, majority of smartphone and tablets users across USA and Europe increasingly use their devices to shop from home often while watching TV. Smartphone shoppers are more active outside the home, but they are more likely to do certain online shopping related activities from home, such as reading reviews and using social media to make a comment on a purchase. Even though smartphones and tablets are made to be mobile, some mobile shoppers never leave the couch while they’re shopping. Tablet users are noticed to use their tablets increasingly for market research and reviews comparisons which bring the small differences between the two complementary products in terms of shopping habits.

In the lights of these recent fact being thrown by Nielsen in the beginning of August, a thought raised in our minds – What next? Is this trend going to announce another advent of the TV advertising which this time can achieve exponential effects with people being ready to immediately and comfortably make a purchase if they are captivated by the campaign broadcasting on the TV screen with the help of their mobile devices?

Not necessarily. According to Nielsen over 63% of smartphone users and 53% tablet users use their devices to compare prices and reviews in order to save more, and the best time place and time to that is in the comfort of their own home although more and more savvy users are doing this on the move and inside the store. This process continues at the checkout point wherein shoppers now present and display their mobile coupons to generate more savings.

This clearly says that the coupon and discount industry still have plenty of space for expansion in the digital economy without even counting the advent of the economies of the Third World whose digital adventure is yet to thrive in the light of the global digital progress. They will be waiting for new and lucrative discount platform to engage into, and saving as a main motive will only get stronger in the face of economical disparities which unfortunately will come as unwanted consequence of fast growth.

Still the experience does not end here. Almost 20% of smartphone users (Nielsen 2013) and especially tablet users take the shopping process beyond the realms of their own experience by writing product reviews across dedicated web platforms and social media. Technology makes them laudable and eager to be heard across the multitude and the now the web has the power to filter every enterprise that deserves compliments and flattery

Is this an overheated trend or a healthy trend that will keep forward in the same direction? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments.