Top Features for Food Oreder App

On-Demand Food Ordering App: What Features Must Have

The explosive growth of Mobile Applications has made the entrepreneur and the startup organizations come into action. Every business is now head started with the mobile application. Almost everything in the present era like food, taxi, movie tickets, hotel booking and what, not every business has an application and this is growing since years.

The beauty of the on-demand mobile apps is that sitting inside your pockets and caters each and every need of your in minutes and the hassle of all your life is solved at your fingertips. The on-demand economy is the result of all those companies and organizations, who are striving harder to improve the customer demand by rendering the various services with improvised technology. With the coming of the digital world, the business is even turning digital and making the lives of the urban bees simpler and easier.

The On-demand business services are the new trend of creating revenue and are the future of the app industry. The on-demand app services have attracted more than 22.4 million consumers annually in $57.6 billion spending.

Talking about the food ordering app in this article, the demand for food never dies and so as the demand of these apps. With the success story of Zomato and Uber eats as the best food delivery apps, there should not be a doubt that these would be a waste of investment. Before going to make an app, let me make you know some great stats to understand what you miss if you don’t get an app developed

  • More than 69% of customers prefer to order food online via their mobile device.
  • Total revenue generated via mobile applications for the restaurant industry reached $160 million in the year 2017.  This was one of the highest revenue growth for any industry in term of mobile apps sales.

So you need to worry at all if you are thinking to develop an app for your restaurant business. Before developing you need to sum up all the best features to make an extraordinary app for your business. So let’s list out the features that really required for a food delivery app –

Push Notifications

Push notification is the way that keeps you to connect with the customers. These messages deliver all sort of information like offers, discounts location-based messages and more. But these need to manage carefully. Over usage of this may be unsuccessful for your app. You should always be customer-centric ie you need to ask your customers about the medium in which they want notification.  Manage Push Notifications in this manner, and it will help in growing your app substantially.

Location Based Services

Before entering the right location you can get an idea of the complete location. With the advantage of geofencing and beacons which has given brands the ability to attract potential customer. This makes lives easier by offering a real-time guidance about nearby places.

Online ordering and Mobile Payment

Any on-demand app will be waste if you don’t have payment integration to it. Online ordering with payments gateway integration are the essential features for an app now.  This will allow the user to make payments seamlessly and securely and help the user to initiate payments via online wallets directly through the app.


This new trend offers instant on-demand assistance and fosters customer engagement. This solves basic questions of the user and now this has been improvised more with adding personalized query solving and more. So adding this feature to your app will be plus point for your business.

Customer Feedback Portal

Every business care for their customers. Getting a feedback from the user will help you to know the drawback in your app and you can improve it by making necessary changes. So adding a feedback portal will help you to get instant and immediate insights so that you could make the correction in your app.

Personalised Updates

This has become a significant feature in which the app tracks the user activities and behaviours and suggests relevant products and services. This may help you to get back your existing users and this will help to improve your branding also.


Wrapping it Up, if have already planned to develop on-demand apps you must need to think to add these features. In the end, everything you need is to grow up your sales and customers.

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