Offshore Development Center

An Offshore Development Center The Best Option For Your Startup’s Requirements

For any business owner who strives to achieve considerable business productivity and reduction in operating expenses considering that his business is currently in the startup stage, an Offshore Development Center is the best option for outsourcing their work to an offshore team that can handle all their needs and requirements at a fraction of the cost.

What is an ODC?

  • According to researches and market demographics, ODCs are now the most popular business models over the conventional methods of business for businesses of all sizes, especially startups who yearn to increase their product or service’s market visibility, customer recognition and enhance its development process.
  • An ODC also works best when you plan to globally diversify your business in the future with a very robust brand promotion strategy in mind.

An ODC Helpful for Your Startup?

  • Considering the fact that a Startup is always started with limited financial means lesser infrastructure and logistics at hand, an ODC is the best option for you to keep making profits without having to employ an in-house team of IT professionals and software developers for your Offshore Software Product Development, testing and deployment needs.
  • An ODC helps you continue you with your work by helping you in leveraging their expertise of handling massive workloads like native or cross-platform app development, website creation and management and data deployment or migration services to boost your company’s growth in the right direction.

The End-to-End Solutions an ODC Should Provide You With?

  1. Product Requirement, customer demographics and feasibility studies.
  2. Software development like apps, web apps and other company analytics.
  3. Maintenance of the developed apps, logistics management and 24 x 7 support via a help-desk.
  4. Re-engineering of apps that were built natively for a cross-platform approach.
  5. Content and Data migration with various CMS techniques.
  6. Continuous testing of products and services being supplied to you, debugging reports and quality assurance that help you be assured that what you get is actually the best.

Is an ODC The Right Choice for Your Startup?

  • An ODC is like a virtual team of highly qualified IT personnel who specialize in delivering strategically optimized apps for the audience you wish to target.
  • Since the solutions they develop are bundled with in-app purchase systems, payment gateways and freemium ads, they help you earn money from a free app and analyze your app or website’s reach via analytics supplied by Google.
  • Also, since an ODC is situated in an offshore location, you pay them only a fraction of the cost that you would have had to pay to an in-house team of developers and designers.
  • You should opt for an ODC especially since it will help you focus more on your company’s core values and its future potentialities that will help you devise a market agility plan.
  • Since an ODC uses techniques prevalent in the IT industry, you are assured that the product or service you receive from them is top-notch and optimized according to your business’s needs.

How To Decide Whether You Need an ODC Team or Not?

  • Evaluate your current profits and determine whether an ODC commissioned job will help you rake in more profits.
  • Compare the ODC’s quote with the cost of housing an in-house team of IT professionals and you will find that an ODC will turn out to be a cheaper, more reliable and viable option.
  • Get comprehensive overview software, app development and data migration needs from a specialized ODC of global repute which will supply you with a detailed analysis and various feasibility studies according to your market plan in order to help you understand why that ODC will be your best choice.

An ODC developed business solution will not only sort out all your software and CMS needs, it will also help your startup business achieve its strategic objectives in a shorter span of time since all the development, debugging and deployment headache is handled by the ODC which helps you concentrate on other areas of your business.

It will help you save money and also provide you with highly optimized and top-notch products that are a hit with your customers.