Mobile Apps with Bots & Iot

The New Age of Mobile Application Development – IoT and Bots

The latest buzzwords of the technology world are “Internet of Things” and “Bots”. With the help of Internet of Things, we are moving towards a connected world wherein any object will have data transmission capabilities. The bots are the next step in machine learning and artificial intelligence wherein internet bots are stimulating human interaction. The growth of both of these technologies is aided by mobile applications. While mobile applications can be used as an interface for the internet of things implementation, bots reside inside instant messaging mobile applications.

Mobile Application and IoT

An IoT object will usually have a low processor, an embedded operating system, and a communication protocol. This object will connect to the internet with other neighboring objects or internet gateway. The next tier of the IoT system is an infrastructure and software running on the cloud which receives and organizes the data coming from different objects. The next tier in the IoT system is analytics tier which is fed data and it is processed. The last tier in the network is end user tier which is an application with which end user interacts with. At this tier, the mobile applications are developed. The mobile applications are usually built on an Internet of Things platform. The IoT platforms comprise of a tier for incoming data as well as an analytics tier. The mobile applications are built on top of it.

Mobile Application and Bots

The report on internet trends of 2015 revealed that 6 out of top 10 mobile apps are messaging apps and messaging dominates other apps in terms of sessions. The chatbots will proliferate in near future owing to the instant messaging mobile applications. The technology giants are now fueling the growth of bots by introducing platforms for developing bots. Microsoft launched Bot builder for Node.js, a platform which allows developers to build, test and publish bots. ChatScript is a “next generation chatbot engine” which provides an open source framework for developers to build and deploy chatbots. Pandorabots is an offline service which lets developers build, host and deploy bots. Facebook’s “Bots for Messengers” allows developers and businesses to build chatbots for its Messenger platform. Bots will rule mobile application development in the near future as the technology giants have opened up avenues for developers to innovate.


IoT and Bots are still in their nascent stage in terms of mobile application development. There are many innovative solutions that will be built around the internet of things and bots technology in the mobile landscape.