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New-Age Journalistic Reporting with Native Apps That Help in Real-Time Reporting on the Day’s Latest News!

If you see news on a daily basis, you must appreciate the fact that reporters work really hard to get to the core of the news issue – no matter what!

Apart from that, some news that demands extensive diligence and care in gathering the facts and raw eyewitness details from ground zero. Sometimes, cameras are not allowed in highly-sensitive areas. This is where your little friend – the mobile device, comes in handy!

Welcome To the World of Real-Time Reporting Via Mobile Apps

If you saw the coverage of the Nepal earthquakes of 2015, you must have noticed one thing, videos of the aftermath of the quake started pouring into news houses within minutes of the whole disaster. How did this happen? Did the reporters and news camera crews get there so fast? NO!

This happened because of mobile HD reporting!

Most major news channels and news agencies work on cutting-edge broadcast technology that aims to deliver news as it happens – whenever and wherever it happens.

With mobile devices being owned by almost 2/3rd of the world’s population, the demand for high-tech reporting tools in the media industry grew and these mobile devices like iPhones and iPad among other mobile streaming and shooting devices, started being used for LIVE reporting.

How Do These Mobile Devices Help Send News feeds?

  • Since most mobile devices sport built-in, high-quality sound and high-definition cameras within them, covering breaking news at the spot of incidence becomes easier than having to lug heavy cameras, tapes and mics apart from setting up a satellite link via the OB (outside broadcasting) van for seamless transfer of uplink data.
  • The flexibility of news reporting along with HD quality audio and sound makes the video more realistic and gives it a more personal touch.
  • Since only one person is needed to capture the action, one crew person can manage to send videos directly from the spot via Wi-Fi signals or hotspot tethering.

Should You Adopt Such Technologies For Your Media Broadcast House?

Definitely! Not only will you cut down on the number of people you recruit, you will save lots of money on logistics and support staff. All you need is a team of reporters armed with a mobile device! Not only this, you get more at lower costs:

1)      Super Fast Video Transfers

With such high-quality video come great inbuilt compression while recording, sending them through a specialized FTP app will solve all your data transfer issues. A mobile connection and some battery power, that is all that you need!

With such custom apps, it is possible to stream the previously shot video to your news server while shooting another RAW footage on the phone.

2)      Editing On-The-Go

With so many mobile editing and conversion tools for video, you can easily crop videos, add transitions, muxe voiceovers and what not into the video you just recorded. You can do all this right in the field!

3)      Geo-Location

With video shooting, especially in terms of news video, it is essential to put in location information with the video to pinpoint the location of the incident that just happened/is happening. With geo-location and geo-tagging apps, including GPS coordinates and other location metadata becomes automatic and easy via GPS. This can help other crews reach you, choppers to find you during natural disasters and your audience to get authenticated and pinpointed information about the incident’s location.

4)      Secure Transfers

To avoid getting your first-hand account video getting stolen, using secure FTP servers coupled with SSL connections helps your video to reach the intended user and with apps that can manage this you can securely transfer the video file to your media house content management system.

5)      OB Dish Tracking

If you have your OB van with you in tow, you can use specialized mapping apps that help your crew determine the direction to point your satellite dish for attaining the best signal and video uplink gateway.

6)      Other Data

You can easily look up weather information, guided maps for reaching tough locations and other tools like a compass, audio recorders for recording audio and using your phone for sending live recordings via a simple phone call.

If you are a journalist true to your soul, you should blindly adopt this methodology to promote better news coverage in your area or country and help revolutionize the way people experience the magic of LIVE reporting. The essence of news is being fresh and accurate. Immediately broadcast news can help save lives! The detail captured via mobile video also puts in more realism and a personal account to the captured footage.

Mobile devices are the device of today! Giving faster and better news to your audience keeps you high in the ratings and way ahead of your competition!