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Do you Need Bots for your Business? The Shiny Side of Bots


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaking at Microsoft Ignite event said that more than 45,000 developers are now using the Microsoft Bot Framework. The technology giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook have made major announcements in recent months that have ignited the bot craze in the technology as well as the business world. The instant messaging platforms have facilitated “Conversational Commerce” which allows brands to have a personalized communication with the customers. Bots are reshaping the brand-customer interaction by allowing brands to speak for themselves.

Businesses have already started harnessing the power of bots to offer a highly responsive customer service. The hotel chain Hyatt is using messenger bots to have a meaningful conversation with guests in a closed, private environment. CNN has also implemented bots which allow people to chat with CNN and get breaking news. People can receive specific stories by messaging CNN with a keyword. Facebook messenger lets people request a ride from Uber from the messenger itself. Passengers don’t need to download the app. People can even order a burger from Burger King through Facebook Messenger app. These implementations of bots are already helping businesses in generating more revenues, promoting customer engagements, automating processes and improving operational efficiency.

Bots have a huge potential in creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses. Business to business bots can help people and teams to be more productive, manage task or handle communication. Bots can be used to circulate promotional content across different platform. This will cut down the cost companies are paying to media companies for content distribution. Bots can be used for affiliate marketing as a chat bot can send product information as well as affiliate links associated with the products. Bots can also be implemented for conducting market research. The businesses just need to provide the search criteria to the bots and it will fetch all the related and relevant content. The chat bots will also help in lead generation. The individuals seeking information or advice related a specific topic can interact with bots. These bots will gather information on the individual seeking information and pass this information to the relevant businesses.


In near future, bots will become an integral part of businesses as the competitive landscape will require the bots to create a differentiation. Every business which is building applications whether it is a mobile app or a desktop app or websites will build apps as the new interface.

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