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Need of Android App Maintenance for Retail Business Stores

The brick and click model of retail may have given retail business stores a run for their money but customers are still seeking a personal experience while shopping rather than an online experience. The retail business stores owners are providing a premium customer experience by aiding the inside store shopping experience with a help of an app. These apps are providing assisted shopping to the digital age shoppers. The app maintenance is crucial for these apps to engage customers much better and increase sales.


The retail business stores can only predict the footfalls on a particular day, especially on festive seasons. Similarly, they cannot predict the number of their app users on a day or any upsurges in their app usage during the holiday season. The sudden increase in users may deteriorate the performance of the mobile application due to increasing server requests. An android app maintenance contract will help in retaining the app performance even when there is an increase in user base or change in usage pattern.

Hardware changes

The technology is changing fast and there is a new device introduced every day. With the advent of Internet of Things technology and beacons, the retail business is the one which is the most benefited. As newer and more sophisticated devices are introduced, the retail stores need to upgrade their apps to be compatible with new device specifications. App maintenance plays a crucial role in keeping the app updated to match with new device specifications.

Security concerns

The hackers are devising new ways to take leverage of any security loopholes in business applications. An application needs to be updated to address any of the security loopholes or vulnerabilities. For retail business application have payment gateway integration, they need to safeguard their customer’s critical information against unauthorized access. App maintenance helps in safeguarding against any security threats detected after app deployment.

UI & UX updates

A retail business is customer oriented business where visual appeal and customer experience is critical for invoking customer loyalty. To survive in competitive market retail businesses need to upgrade their store layout and make their shelves more visually appealing. Similarly, retailers need to upgrade the user experience design and visual appeal of the app by making upgrades in UI & UX. App maintenance is required to yield a more engaging user experience for the app.

OS version update

Every operating system whether it’s iOS or Android, there are regular version updates released. An app is designed for a specific platform, its need to be upgraded to accommodate changes. An app which is not maintained according to version updates will become obsolete. OS version updates also bring opportunities for retail business owners to upgrade to more enthralling features.


Investing in-app maintenance is as important app development itself for maintaining a competitive edge.

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