Android App Development Trends for 2020.

Most Promising Android App Development Trends for 2020

We are living in an era where each new year brings new technologies, concepts, and ideas that bring changes. And since Android’s adoption has expanded so dramatically in recent years, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest developments to take out rivals in the race to gain market share.

If we talk about Android’s journey that’s come a long way and Android’s history isn’t anything short of inspiring, triggering a transformation in the mobile app development industry.
Launched back in 2008, the market share of the Android smartphone operating system is now about 85%.

With regular technology updates, Android enables companies to build highly functional, safe, mobile, extensible and scalable applications to meet ever-changing market trends.
Android app development companies will strive to make applications that can boost their user base and make life easier for consumers.

Let’s have a look at all the trends you should watch out for 2020:-

Android Instant Apps

Google Play Instant allows users to use either an app or a game without any installation process. Android Instant Apps are operated and run from the cloud, so users don’t need to download them.

The key benefit of such devices is that they do not take up extra space on the smartphone of the user. Users can also reduce the clutter of unwanted software on their mobile devices.

An instant app is like a demo version of an app that actually has all the specifics of the original app but is smaller in size. These are designed to help you determine if you really need a full version of the application.

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays everybody has seen the use of AI in various areas of life, and it was only a matter of time before the Android app development. There’s a lot to watch out for with artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in Android apps allows companies to enhance user experience by providing consumers with personalized offerings. Technology enables companies to understand customer behavior, product preferences, and many more details.

 With a data-driven approach, businesses can develop a better plan for customer engagement by responding quickly to their demands.

If we say it in simple words, you can capture, feed and process vast amounts of data using AI & ML in your app development process and perform tasks such as Face Recognition, Text Recognition, Landmark Recognition, Image Labeling, Barcode Scanning, and so on.

Here are some tools available for Android app development to build such functionalities in your Android app.

  • TensorFlow Lite
  • Firebase MLKit
  • Google Cloud Vision API
  • Neural Network API

Internet of Things

The IoT-based Android app provides a simple environment for users to connect to IoT-enabled devices. 

According to Statista, the number of connected devices worldwide was 15.41 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow to 75.44 billion in 2025. It reflects a nearly 60 billion rise in IoT-enabled devices.

Being the leading OS, Android is going to be the biggest player in this development. It will be the preferred choice of businesses and developers to build IoT applications.
Mixing IoT and Android apps will develop IoT for Home, IoT for Workplace, IoT for Enterprises, and more.

IoT will be built into cars and homes, and you could just go to bed to know that your house is online. Many of the biggest app developers in the US are joining in this movement and opening their doors to the convergence of artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things.


We already know wearable devices like trackers, smartwatches and fitness bands or smart rings. Wearable needs a forum to run, and the production of the Android App will benefit from this in 2020.

Due to the vast potential of these tools, mobile app developers are expected to think about how to create applications that support this technology in order to enhance their distribution.
The year 2020 will increase in the number of people with wearable devices, and this is what any web and mobile development company will look out for.


Blockchain technology is increasing in importance and the industry is growing. It avoids a leak of data or it is possible to make a fake document on the ledger.

Even if someone makes a mistake, they can be traced back. With a number of hackers taking a day off for duplicating credit cards, you should expect companies to adopt blockchain-enabled mobile payment applications. Mobiloitte has encountered dedicated mobile app developers focused on blockchain.

Recently, it has been noted that the Wallet App has been launched in the Google Play Store and has exceeded millions of downloads in a very short time.

This confirms that technology is popular and creative Android apps with Blockchain will get a good response from both consumers and developers.

Today, due to its adequate security and durability, blockchain has gained more popularity over cloud applications. Technology keeps track of the customer’s digital transactions and ensures the security of the customer’s details.

5G Service

The speed of the 5G network will be 100 times higher than that of the 4G network. In addition to high speed, 5G will also be used for 3D gaming, Data Security, Augmented Reality.

This will mean that Android app development companies will need to take this into account when developing applications. The service will come with 3D graphics and augmented reality.

You’ll also experience a new level of data protection, and that’s what the average device user wants to see. You might tell that it’s going to be a lot of fun next to the coming years.

Improve Security Of Apps

Earlier, Google had received a lot of complaints about the violated protection of the app. The apps accessed the personal data of users without their permission. 

To address this issue, Google released an Android update containing a newly updated security infringement app. Android developers are now incorporating a permission module into their apps to make user’s data more protected.

Apps can request permission from the user before accessing his or her personal information. Users have the right to allow or refuse permission to do so.

The Emergence of Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology has received a warm reception from different industries and markets, including the hotel industry, health care, and museums. It’s an easy-to-use app that uses location data and proximity marketing.

Because of its usability, it makes it easy for anyone to use it. Beacons refer to wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth technology to send signals.
If you’re a company and want to share sales information, Beacons will help you with that. The platform is used to integrate with IoT in the retail sector.


These are the top trends in Android app growth that you need to keep in mind for 2020. As you’ve just learned, there will be a major shift in the Android app industry in 2020. There is no doubt that the future of mobile development is shining brightly and all Android Mobile Apps will have the best user experience and improved operations.

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