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The 3 Pinterest Boards from our Profile Which You Must Not Miss


We live for our community and we thrive by you. Your suggestions and creativity is what provides us the pulse of the market and the direction of our future creativity. Therefore we need you. We thought of the best and most convenient and at the same time fun way to obtain your inputs in engaging and participating matter. What network and channel can be more convenient for this than Pinterest where you can express yourself and guide us in the manner that suites you the most – visual.

Today we would like to invite you as active contributors and participants in shaping our visual boards of Pinterest. We have built several good ones already. However we know that better ones are yet to come, powered by you. Should you choose to dive inside our Pinterest boards, here are some of our boards we recommend for you:

The Mobiloitte Blog

The fastest way to stay in touch with our corporate updates and industry news apart from the standard email subscription list. have a look at our Blog board and tell us whether we should be more inclusive in particular domains.

Follow Mobiloitte’s board The Mobiloitte Blog on Pinterest.

I love Android because…

It lets us build the tools of the next web. We love open source and we pledge our voice that Open source is the best thing that has ever happened to the IT industry. Our Pinterest boards is just one of the ways to showcase our passion for Android OS and hang out with like minded who have excelled in their creative work of presenting the best of Android to those yet to join the cause. Follow our Android board on Pinterest and share why you are such a fan of this initiative.

Follow Mobiloitte’s board I love Android because … on Pinterest.

Stuff we recommend… 

So much technology made by doers such as your self awaits out there to be discovered. Our Pinterest board is a humble effort to highlight some amazingly creative and crafted project in the area of mobile and web development. Cool pins, technology screenshots of the finest websites and mobile apps is what awaits you there. Let your voice echo by sharing and adding the project you care for in this dedicated Pinterest board.

Follow Mobiloitte's board Stuff we Recommend on Pinterest.

There are few more boards which hold pins you don’t want to miss. Follow us so that we get to know how cool you are and share your work with our community.



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