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Mobiloitte Is Now Announcing It’s NASSCOM Membership

What does it mean anyways? First, it means sharing the same story of humble beginnings and vision to reshape IT product and service delivery. NASSCOM started as a body of software companies that were trying to get a footing in the global market for software. Today it is India’s biggest club of IT companies whose membership is based on a universal and strictly followed set of principles of service ethics, collaboration, strategic advocacy and workforce development. It also means having someone to bank upon whenever you have a bad day.

Since the inception of Mobiloitte (former Halosys Technologies) in 2006 we have ventured far and our vision has evolved to match the emerging need of our clients. Joining the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” was the next logical step on our path, a milestone which could not be walked over without popping out a champagne.

It was worth it. As per the words of our founder and vision leader Jagdish Harsh – “We are taking pride in telling that we are now a member of NASSCOM which is engaged in providing a magnificent platform to the established IT sector organizations and help them grow with even better pace. The companies that associated themselves with NASSCOM saw new heights within just a few months of their membership. We are assured that this membership is going to add to the reliability and esteem of Mobiloitte, and growth as well.”

Just to demonstrate the values we fully commit as a member of this reputed entity, have a look at the following excerpt which highlights what being a member of NASSCOM truly means:

  • Relationship with Clients: Dealings with clients to be conducted in an ethical manner. The terms of agreements should be clearly and precisely expressed and fulfilled in good faith. Work undertaken should be carried out promptly and efficiently and the interests of clients must be safeguarded and confidentiality maintained.
  • Relationship with Fellow Members: Dealings with fellow members to be conducted in a positive and professional manner and with the utmost courtesy and fairness. Property rights, work results, confidential data and vendor/client relations of fellow members need to be respected; and no engagement in harmful, disparaging or predatory tactics must be entertained.
  • Relationship with the International Community: Members should promote communication with foreign countries, based on international cooperation norms. They need to follow the necessary practices of host countries, while conducting business abroad.

As company that values discipline and lifelong learning we are enthusiastic about our further transformation towards a true millennial technology partner for our existing client and those yet to come. The leap of faith was needed alongside work and belief in doing what’s right.


Mobiloitte ( an initiative of Halosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

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