Gaming iPad App Development

Mobile Gaming Strategy for iPad App Development

iPad is very different from iPhone as it is of the size of a book and not built to be used as a mobile phone. The approach game developers take while developing games for Apple devices is to develop a game for iPhone and increase the graphic fidelity to make it available for iPads. The game developers take this escape route of porting the content of an iPhone game for iPad. This approach may have worked for some previously but with new and more innovative designs of iPad in the market, it can be considered as a rookie mistake.

iPad as a Gaming Device

The new versions of iPads are far more powerful, have the most advanced display and are built for path breaking performance. iPad is now evolving as one of the best gaming devices. One of the reasons iPad should be a preferred choice for game developers is because iPad have the capability to offer a realistic experience to the gamer.

Important Game Design Considerations

While designing games for iPad, the game developers need to take into consideration the way the iPad users will hold and manipulate the device. The iPad offers a very different user experience than that of an iPhone. A game can harness iPad’s accelerometer to move the background of the screen. This allows shifting the position of the iPad and the game’s background shifts to match it. Another important consideration for the iPad app development is to design the game in such a manner that it can be played with a single hand as the gamer can hold the heavier and larger iPad in the other hand. Most game developers tend to forget about the way the game players will hold the device and if the game makes the players uncomfortable then they are bound to abandon the game. The game designers tend to emulate the experience of a gaming console in their iPad games. By providing a virtual joystick in your game, you tend to implicate that the game is designed for some other gaming console which is more fun. The game developers should harness the device capabilities of the iPad to offer a premium experience to the users.


Game developers should focus on the device capabilities and user experience of iPad to offer a premium experience. iPad with a considerably larger screen size and better graphic quality presents more lucrative opportunities for game developers than any other mobile device.

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