App Development Cost

Mobile Apps – Cost Beyond Development

Well of course, this is not a million dollar question that we are trying to answer here. The question is determining the cost of developing a mobile app which in fact is dependent on certain basic parameters.

If we are to simply focus on the cost aspect, it is actually dependent on three basic factors – Platforms, Approach and Features. Trends suggest that apps are mostly developed on iOS or Android platforms. Secondly when we talk about approach, it is basically about native or cross-platform. Last but not the least, features are the most important component of an apps that ultimately determine the cost factor. From simple to complex features, it all depends upon the requirement and functionality of the app in question.


What most people miss out while calculating the cost is the cost of maintenance which is actually post deployment. Maintenance cost is again dependent on the frequency of updates or enhancements that are being done over a period of time with developments taking place in technology platforms. It not only the complexity of the features that are required, rather it is the infrastructure that drives the cost determinants. When we say infrastructure, we primarily mean basic controls, data storage requirements, third party integration, access to enterprise data, data encryption and scaleability.


Another interesting aspect of cost is the design element that makes a huge difference. One can simply use a web designer for this purpose, but it is important to find a mobile app designer who actually works with logic on user flow and space restrictions. Design in most cases helps in influencing users to download from the screenshots that are uploaded and as such users find the app to be more engaging.


Yes of course, marketing an app is another aspect which people generally do not consider while calculating cost. People generally consider development cost as the main determinant in apps development. Marketing includes pre launch buzz, putting the app across app stores and post launch go-to-market strategy.

Considering all the above factors, it can be concluded that a basic mobile app can be developed and marketed with a minimum budget of US $ 3000 in today’s market environment. Where as the maximum limit cannot be put in figures as it is completely dependent on features and the complexity of development.

Before you decide to go for the app, consult your expert mobile app developer on other pertinent issues like security and performance apart from the points that has been briefly discussed above.