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What Can “GetWithIt” Teach You About Kick-Ass Mobile Application Marketing!?


If you plan to launch a mobile application then you know that the success of it will be largely determined by how well, clever and aggressive you market it long before it gets officially launched. Many complain that despite acknowledging this as hard core truth, they fail or simply do not know the right approach how to do it.

Very recently we have published The Mobile Application pre-launching Marketing Guide to help all those who need help in setting up a solid strategy for mobile application marketing. Today we will share how GetWithIt, one of Mobiloitte’s most cherished relationships has done a remarkably well job in creating buzz and expectancy for its mobile app long before the launching date. Read carefully as we go through real life scenarios emphasizing all the channels and all the tactics that our client implemented which can be beneficial for you as well.

Micro website

This is the found of your upcoming campaign. We are not talking about a website but rather a simple landing page. It’s purpose is to showcase how your mobile app would look like and trigger early curiosity and buzz.  Keep it simple, make sure you upload a clean and polished image of your dashboard or any other screen and more important – make sure you put an email subscription field inviting people to join for early updates and offers. GetWithIt has placed the marketplaces buttons (Google Play and App Store) indicating that the app will be widely available on these prominent market places. Visit GetWithIt’s website to see how this works.

mobile application marketing, launching


You don’t head anywhere without social media. You show me a place where more people gather under a single umbrella and I will pay for your honeymoon. GetWithIt has launched both a personal profile and a Brand page on Facebook where its team showcased the application’s most significant milestones and got personally connected with its audience. Rich visuals, videos and invitations were available on GetWithIt’s Brand page at least 2 months before the application’s launching date. You can use Facebook’s rich promotion features in many ways. Launch an offer, an invitation for early trial, dedicate a sponsored story, ask for people to share reviews through Facebook or simply launch a default ad with rich targeting options to ensure that you are reaching the right people for the dollars you spend.


If you seek virality then you must not neglect video. Good and engaging video (there is no unique recipe) is highly shareable and engaging and can boost your brand practically over night. GetWithIt cleverly launched a series of beautiful videos showing how their app is going to change your life as a participant in the digital universe and promoted them on Facebook where it got high engagement rate. The following video is one of them which you must see

mobile application marketing, launching

…And the most important of all.

Wrap all your campaign around a single and compelling human emotion

That is an emotion that will trigger your potential users and make them act. We are all driven by emotion and it’s your mistake if

you think that all decisions that we do are driven by rational motives. GetWithIt has played well on this front also. They  have challenged Facebook as a typical example of platform that suffocates our real friendships and connections in the mediocrity of .our large networks. Alternatively they invite every user who feels the same (such as me) to join the future – more personalized social network of people we know and care for and a chance to connect with new ones through events sharing and participation. In other words:

GetWithIt is positioned as social network based entirely on real world interaction!

Of course a good product is what makes people come back for more. We are proud of what we have managed to achieve in building the superiority of this mobile app guided by it’s master mind- Alex. Feel free to download and try GetWithIt here and follow their Facebook fan page for future updates.

What in your experience has proven as a great mobile app marketing tactic that is not mentioned here? Share in comments 🙂