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Mobile App Startup Checklist – Does Your Startup Have These Success Ingredients?

It seems like everyone is hopping on the “startup” bandwagon these days. Without a sound strategy and good execution, start-ups are falling flat on their faces within the first three years of their inception. This may sound demoralizing to the budding entrepreneurs but the start-up failures have also given a knowledge base of what not to do when starting up your business to the aspiring founders. The success of games like Pokemon GO & Candy Crush has given mobile app startup founders big goals to accomplish. Here is a checklist of things you must do to establish a successful mobile app start-up.

App Market Research

You need to scrutinize the app store to find out about the best apps in the app store. You need to learn more about the technologies on which best apps are built on.  You need to read the reviews and learn more about what the users like the most about the app and what they wish could have improved. The technology is evolving very fast and your app development team must be skilled enough to learn and implement new technologies swiftly.

App Store Disasters

There are plenty of apps which have bombed on the app store and reading their reviews will let you know what went wrong. The more you know about the reasons they failed the more you would be aware of what turn off users from a mobile app. It’s always better to derive logic from facts rather than assumptions and studying the worst apps will help in devising your own app strategy.

Catching Eyeballs

The first thing an app user engages with an app is its graphics and visuals. A good design in the app will help in building user interest. Most of the mobile app start-ups have technocrats as their founders who at times forget to emphasize on the design. A successful app start-up must have a team of highly skilled developers as well as highly skilled designers, compromising on any one of the skills will hamper the engagement factor of the app.

App Monetization

Mobile Apps are made to make money or create brand value which eventually helps in creating more money. The most important consideration for an app entrepreneur is to have a well-planned strategy on how their apps would make money. The app entrepreneur must be well versed in assisting their clients in deriving value from their mobile apps. Apps should not only strike a chord with the users but they should also serve well the business objectives.

Unwavering Promotion

A mobile app start-up has to promote itself consistently on all outlets whether it is digital media or through traditional events. A well-planned marketing strategy will help in reaching out to the right clients at the right time. You need to turn your customers into your promoters by creating a delightful service experience which will help you get good word of mouth publicity.