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We Have Sent Our Fiercest Competitors a Tweet – This Is What Came Back!

We love poking our competitors and especially having chat with them. Social media has brought us into era where traditional outlook about competition and competitors no longer exists, where it is all about conversation and engagement, and driving happiness for those who follow you across your social channels. For that reason we have decided to run a small experiment. We started with few of our competitors – those who rank in the first few search results on Google and those whom we have identified as our competitors through market means and intelligence.

Most of them have social media profiles especially Facebook and Twitter being promoted on their websites and few of them have open invitation above the social media buttons saying – Let’s get social.

We decided to put this to test and sent our competitors a simple “Heey.. Whatsss up” 24 hours ago, starting with our first local competitor for mobile app development – Synapse India (this is not the first time we feature them)


We were not blessed with answer from their side so far.. Ok well, let’s not loose hope still there are few more coming up

Even though there was a beautiful after rain night and fresh morning, the community manager (if there is one anyways) was not in a good mood to talk with us.

Lets give another try:


As  I write this post I decided to check once again from response from these guys, but I was disappointed. Still, no great things in life usually come easily. Another try:



Now we kinda feel depressed.

The last 3 tweets were sent to companies that apparently rank far better on Google search results than us – all of them were to be met in the top 10 for the highly competitive keyword “mobile app development india’

Two things pop in my mind:

  • How did these guys manage to rank so well on Google (in our domain ranking well on search engine can bring a lot of difference)
  • What’s the point in throwing away so much money on Google Adword and ranking high ( few of the companies above came from sponsored link) when they FAIL on the component which is free and matters the most – being social

Why did we do this in the first place?

Do you want to know the truth? We will be honest with you – It all started when I saw the following conversation between Tesco the mobile operator and a client which started like this:

tesco 1

Tesco was quick and responded with style:

tesco 2

That was just a beginning.. Other companies joined in and turned this thread into a party:

tesco 3

Yup. That is how it happened. And we tried to start something similar with our competitors and show that we are not just bunch of websites and brands with stock photos and lots of keywords for easy discoverability on Google. To show that we know social as well…

We even had our small version of the Oscars selfie, which we were ready to share with them

selfie 111

However the experiment failed. Not because we were ignored. More probably because the tagline Let’s get Social above their social media buttons is just for the sake of being there. An article from Kitchmedia sums it up pretty well – Better to have no social media than shit social media.

We still love to talk though – in fact now more than ever. If you find this story inspirational or amusing do share it with your friends and ping us on Twitter even just for saying Hi!.. And say Hi to our competitors as well..



Image credit: http://theponderingcyclist.com

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